Mar 012014

That’s right…the goddess (and three-time Tranny Award winner) Venus Lux returns to Kink with yet another smoking hot set.

Venus is the queen of quadrant 646. She gets everything she wants and today she wants a hot, little American girl from the lower ranks. The powerful Queen has her cock throbbing against her royal clothes just waiting for Gia to get it wet with her squirting pussy. A river of wet orgasms soaks the ship’s floor before Venus slips her cock into Gia’s pussy for rough, hot sex in bondage that leaves both girls spent.

Nothing else needs to be said! Click here for a sample gallery, and here to view the smoking hot trailer. Don’t forget to join TS Pussy Hunters to see the full video!


Feb 022014

There’s nothing I love seeing more than Venus Lux fucking some nice pussy. She’s at it again here on TS Pussy Hunters, which is most welcome.

Venus pretends to primp for the evening gown competition while Krissy stretches for the talent portion. Her talent – baton, Venus’ talent – is intimidating the shit out of her opponents and Venus has more than one trick up her “sleeve”. When Krissy takes the bait, Venus goes in for the shag, whipping out her cock and making Krissy suck it all the way to her balls.

Venus shows off her physical prowess as she fucks Krissy to the moon and back before revealing the real truth pageant judges and her power to seduce them!

Too bad THIS exchange wasn’t televised to the public! At least you can see sample pics of the action here and the trailer here. When you’re finished, join TS Pussy Hunters to see the full gallery and movie!


Sep 152013

Venus Lux getting pussy…in this case, the fine trim that is Bella Rossi. There really isn’t much to say. You KNOW my girl Venus always brings the heat!

Venus has just moved in next door to a very sexy, curvy babe named Bella. The two have fiery chemistry but little courage to admit it.

After a long night out together, Bella decides she’s had enough of being a chicken, and she runs down the hall in her sheer nightie to wake Venus up. What Bella doesn’t know is Venus was just stroking her cock while fantasizing about fucking Bella’s full, nature tits. Both girls are turned on beyond to the point of no return and they can’t help but kiss and grope on the couch. Moving to the bedroom, the sex gets steamy when Bella discovers Venus’s hard, perfect cock. The two fuck the night anyway in sexy positions that show off Bella’s amazing tits and ass and Venus incredible body and big cock.

Hot, sapphic action done the best way possible…during a shoot for TS Pussy Hunters. Start stroking.

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Jul 152013

Indeed she is…when you join her site that is.

I promised everyone via Twitter that I’d blog some samples of her work. Technically I broke that promise…with it being Monday and all. Then again: a lady such as Venus Lux is worth waiting for. Since I didn’t create an actual thumbnail gallery, I’m presenting these sample photos instead. Consider it a peek of what’s inside her site. Join today!

Jun 012013

What a way to start off the month of June! I’ve been waiting on this particular scene from TS Pussy Hunters ever since Venus tweeted behind-the-scenes pictures from it. Lets see: three of the best tops in the business versus one horny and willing young lady? You KNOW that’s the recipe for a great scene!

Earlier today 2 Federal Agents stormed’s Armory and arrested several of the company’s directors. In an attempt to make the news go viral, has released seven minutes of compiled footage from the raid. The reasons of the arrests are still unknown…or are they?

How do you take down one of the world’s toughest Femme Fatales? You can’t just make her submit you have to plan, scheme, catch her off guard and enlist your toughest guns. Eva Lin, Jessica Fox and Venus Lux take down Maitresse Madeline in a never seen before Transsexual GANG BANG ORGY where everyone fucks everyone.

The three Ts women make Madeline submit, with the roughest, sexiest power fucking in this epic one year anniversary feature update of

Whew! I’m sure glad I wasn’t in the building when the raid went down…or else that could’ve been ME getting owned!

Of course I’m providing a sample gallery and the trailer to this scene…they’re both REQUIRED VIEWING! Another winning scene from TS Pussy Hunters; join today!

You can view the trailer here.