Mar 302013

…waiting for Vaniity!

Okay…if I really WAS sitting in the park waiting for Vaniity, I’d probably be waiting for a LONG time…but at least I’d have these gorgeous pictures to look at while I’m waiting. Looking as beautiful as ever in her thong and fishnet stockings, she is DEFINITELY something to look forward to. Fulfill that fantasy by checking out these pictures from the sample gallery below…then join her site to see the full set!

Mar 202013

Our friends Nelly Taylor and Vaniity sure love to get dressed up in sexy lingerie to play with their toys…and not just any toy either. Both of these ladies play around with the fucking machine!

I know, I know…just as the song goes there’s nothing like the real thing. However, sometimes a girl just can’t get enough of cock thrusting in and out of themselves – and that’s where the machine comes in handy. Of course the fake cock won’t ejaculate…but given the pleasure the machine gives to the ladies, you KNOW they’ll be shooting quite the load…over and over!

You can check out sample pictures from each of the ladies’ galleries below. While you’re at it, why not check out Vaniity…AFTER checking out Shemale Fucking Machines for the full photosets of course!


Mar 012013

If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing the legendary Vaniity dominating some poor bloke. Her Royal Highness REALLY gets down to business in THIS scene courtesy of TS Seduction!

“You can’t handle the Queen” says Vaniity as she looks right into the lens and right out at you. This shoot is a showcase of Vaniity’s talents as a Dom. She starts off slow and seducing, quickly turning her man on to the point of no return. Then she pounces with her rock hard missile of a cock that is unrelenting. The new guy and his virgin ass have no escape and her rips her stockings as he grips and bears her penetrating him. Every inch of her cock is a struggle for him and eventually he taps out. She is right, you can’t handle the Queen.

Vaniity milks a huge load of cum out of Vance and then turns to you in a POV pop shot finish that only Vaniity can do. She makes you feel small and hard from a million miles away.

Just get the lube ready for the sample pictures and the trailer (click here for it), okay? And be sure to join TS Seduction to see the full scene. Vaniity DEMANDS it!

Don’t forget to check out the trailer to this hot scene. Click here!