Mar 032014

Honey Foxxx has one of THE BIGGEST COCKS in the business and I am glad to see her back on!

Empty bars on holidays can be just the place to drowned your troubles and even seek a little lonely company. Honey can see the easy pickings sitting in front of her just as clearly as she can see the empty bar that surrounds him. She uses her sex appeal and bartenderly trust to convince him to forget his troubles a different way.

He can not resist her offer for a blowjob. She puts his cock in her mouth and teases and teases his dick with her mouth. It’s time for him to know just how deep this rabbit holes goes, however, and so Honey slowly unloads her thick, HUGE cock onto his lap. Honey’s cock comes out of her panties with a thump!

He can not resist because he doesn’t want to – he wants her big dick up his ass and in his mouth. He wants to feel her stretch him out and milk his prostate with her dick until cum flows out of him uncontrollably. When she’s done, she sends him home, with the memory of her big cock stretching him out and the sticky feeling of dried cum on his ass.

Damn…how can anyone NOT love this? Click here for some sample pictures and here to view the trailer. Of course I don’t need to tell you all to join TS Seduction afterward; now could you NOT?!


Jan 312014

Here we go again with yet another hot scene featuring Sofia Sanders on TS Seduction!

Sofia takes her time teasing her little pig boy until his cock drips with pre-cum. She fingers his ass, jerks his cock and straddles his face with her luscious ass. She leans down close and puts her own hard, thick cock to his lips. He kisses her cock. This is the last time he will take a calm breath.

Sofia is a powerhouse of a Dom, she fucks fast and hard with every inch of her stiff cock. She spins around in his ass and fucks him in a reverse pile driver – a move that can not be explained in words – that needs to be seen!

Sofia jerks every drop out of his cock while fucking him and pulls out with an explosive load of her own.

Need I say anymore? Click here for some sample pictures and here for the trailer. Don’t forget to join TS Seduction after you’re finished!


Sep 132013

Well…football season is finally here. What could be better than a football-themed shoot featuring the ravishing Jessica Fox?

Jessica is working for a football recruit and her style of drafting involves more than just watching on field play. For a select few – who may or may never have professional football careers as that doesn’t matter to Jessica – she convinces them to show her what they have under their pads and gets the guys turned on with her groping hand jobs and soft lips.

Beau is easy pickings for Jessica and she has a special desire for his cock in her ass. She also wants to see his face when he opens his eyes while pounding her to discover he is not the only one with a hard cock. Jessica’s proud cock slaps his belly while he pumps balls deep into her ass. At first, Beau refuses to touch her cock but after accepting that his own dick has stayed missile hard inside her ass, he figures he might as well see what another cock feels like – especially one attached to a soft, big titted babe.

Jessica seduces Beau blow job by blow job and slowly she convinces him to let her push her cock into his ass. She kisses him while thrusting into his ass, and Beau can no longer resist her.

This switch scene is so hot, Jessica cums twice – once while getting fucked by Beau and then while fucking him from behind. She even uses Beau cum load as lube for his ass. She spits the milked load right out of her mouth and all over his butt hole before plowing him for her second orgasm.

Holy SHIT…it looks like the folks at TS Seduction have done it again! Why don’t y’all check out these sample images from the movie…and the trailer as well. Don’t forget to join the site when you’re finished blowing your load!

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Aug 272013

Hmm…how many of you have always wanted to see the cute Tyra Scott dominate some poor bloke? Well your wish has been granted, thanks to our friends at TS Seduction. We all know that Tyra is tops!

And tops she does – right from the start and right to the finish – Tyra Scott comes out hard. Tyra takes charge, takes her clothes off, shows off her hard cock and then shows just how good she is at using it on her man’s ass.

Her cum shot is Milli-seconds from being inside her bottom’s ass, but Tyra pulls out just time to cum a heavy load all over his ass. Her genuine fucking and all out desire to own Sebastian defines sexual chemistry. And to really bring home how hot the sex was for both of them, Tyra uses her feet and her hands on Sebastian’s cock until he shoots a load out like fire workers.

Don’t miss this sensational debut of Tyra Scott.

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Aug 152013

There’s a thread on Hung Angels that was recently resurrected. One of the members asked what had happened to blond beauty Aubrey Kate. Apparently she took a hiatus from the scene to handle some business…and she has returned in a big way. For fans of hers, I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy that she makes an appearance on TS Seduction!

Aubrey is a smoking hot blonde, tanned, blue eyed hot babe, with a toned body and a rock hard cock who seduces a cowboy stud and fucks him over his own cowhide bench!

Aubrey even shows off a little of her two stepping talents before getting it on with Rod. She’s a bundle of surprises – all good ones – and her debut her is a hit.

Not only can she fuck a guy…well I might add, she can also dance a bit. Multi-talented with good looks? How can one NOT love that?! As usual, click on the picture below to view some sample pictures from the shoot…and also check out the trailer. I think the majority of you will like what you’ll see and will join the site…fast!

Check out the trailer by clicking here!