Aug 172013

I stated in a previous post that I love the choices in lingerie Jesse makes. I can’t explain it, but her lacy underwear always catches my eye. This particular photoset is no exception; the use of sparse colors with the background and the minimal usage of props keeps my eye on the subject at hand: Jesse getting frisky. I’m all smiles…and erection lol!

Needless to say, you all should check out the sample pictures from this set. Any fan of lingerie, stockings, and heels should be VERY pleased. I was, obviously; it’s the reason I decided to blog this post instead of a quick tweet!

Don’t forget to join Jesse’s site now!

Sep 212012

Okay, y’all. Lots of you – and I mean LOTS – were requesting to see Jesse back at The Armory. Well your dreams have come true: she makes her return to Kink via TS Pussy Hunters. Can I get an amen?

Simone wants nothing more than alone time with her new beau. The only problem is, his undying devotion to his daughter. It’s getting in the way of their private time together and Simone is one her last nerve over it. She’s about to break up with her man when her proposes a cruise – just the two of them for 10 days in the Caribbean. She packs her suitcase full of lingerie and her sexiest outfits. Just as she is about to latch her suitcase, Jesse walks in and reveals a very private secret that only her and her dad know about. A secret so tempting that Simone can not resist Jesse’s sexual advances and dominate power. Jesse makes Simone a slave to her thick, hard cock.

Nothing else needs to be said about this scene. Everyone already knows how great of a performer Jesse is. I’ll just leave it at that. Check out the sample pictures as well as the trailer. I’m pretty damn sure you’ll be joining the site after seeing what you’re about to view.

You can view the trailer here.

Aug 302012

Among the many things I love about Southern California, one stands out: the weather. When it’s hot, we get to see lots of beautiful babes in bikinis and such. Good friend Jesse is the perfect person to represent this. Just look at the way she looks in this white bikini. That flowing blonde mane sets it off as well. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure a line of guys (and girls!) would be following this beach bunny. I wish they all could be California Girls!

Check out the sample gallery, and check out her site as well. If you happen to be at the beach, be on the lookout for her as well!