Apr 062013

Sometimes I wish I could go back into the past. Seeing Jenna Rachels dressed like this makes me yearn for a time when folks dressed up to just go shopping. I can picture her walking out of Bullocks Department Store in Downtown Los Angeles with her multitude of purchases. I can also picture her stripping g down to her foundation garments to have a little time to herself…just as she does here.

Thank god Tgirl Pinups exists. We get to see these scenes played out…in high definition, no less! Nothing like seeing some of the contemporary gals glammed up! Check out the pictures and sample clip to see what I mean!


Feb 032013

So all week I’ve been tweeting that I was going to post a gallery from Tgirl Pinups featuring Acadia Veneer. Why did I wait so long? I wanted to post some sample video with it.

No more putting it off! Here are TWO galleries featuring my favorite waitress. Grab a glass of her juice, and tip her by giving tribute to her beauty! Don’t forget to view the full set on Tgirl Pinups!

Peek at the first gallery by clicking this link; take a look at the second one by clicking the picture below. And thank you Acadia!

Dec 112012

I like Tgirl Pinups. Seeing the girls glammed up in vintage lingerie and such is such a turn on. I have to give props to them for the concept; it’s different!

It’s apparent the girls like it as well; Tgirl Pinups gives them a chance to “live out the past” in a modern setting. The girls I’ve spoken to all stated they enjoyed the experience; they also got nice pinup-style pictures to boot. I think Gil Elvgren would love the site as well!

Take a peek at this gallery featuring Gianna Rivera. With her blonde hair and pretty smile, I think she’s perfect for the concept. Add the vintage-style makeup and setting and you’ve got the perfect setup. At least one of these pictures could have appeared in an issue of Esquire; I also can see some of the WWII soldiers pinning one of the pictures up on the wall!

Join Tgirl Pinups to see the full gallery; it’s a blast from the past!


Nov 102012

Jane Marie is just a beauty. No matter what setting she is in with a shoot, she’s looking beautiful. Needless to say, the folks at Tgirl Pinups made the right decision in choosing her for this pinup set. I can honestly see some of the GIs of World War II having one of these pictures up on their wall reminding them of the beauty that awaits them when they return home. Excellent job!

Click the picture to see samples of the shoot, then join Tgirl Pinups to see the full set!

Oct 052012

It’s a pretty simple premise really. Christian is at the diner…but he gets there right at closing time. Venus is cleaning up the place, but Christian still wants service. So he AND Venus get some. HA!

Yup…another highly stylized set from Tgirl Pinups features Venus Lux as the pretty waitress and Christian as the patron. As you’ll see in the pictures (and sample video as well!), both of them have a hearty appetite!