Jan 312014

Here we go again with yet another hot scene featuring Sofia Sanders on TS Seduction!

Sofia takes her time teasing her little pig boy until his cock drips with pre-cum. She fingers his ass, jerks his cock and straddles his face with her luscious ass. She leans down close and puts her own hard, thick cock to his lips. He kisses her cock. This is the last time he will take a calm breath.

Sofia is a powerhouse of a Dom, she fucks fast and hard with every inch of her stiff cock. She spins around in his ass and fucks him in a reverse pile driver – a move that can not be explained in words – that needs to be seen!

Sofia jerks every drop out of his cock while fucking him and pulls out with an explosive load of her own.

Need I say anymore? Click here for some sample pictures and here for the trailer. Don’t forget to join TS Seduction after you’re finished!


Sep 112013

Sofia Sanders. Dammit, that is one sexy ass lady. We REALLY need to see more of her. Thankfully, my pal Bob put up a new set of her recently on his site.

He decided to go the “kinky” route, having her chained up…briefly, thank god. Sofia eventually had to have her hands free so that she could remove that sexy lingerie in order for us to see those luscious breasts and that sexy cock!

You might not be able to tell from the sample gallery, bit there are some really dramatic pictures within this set. Why not join to see what you’re missing? I mean, c’mon…shouldn’t the appearance of Sofia be reason enough?

Aug 042013

Sofia was a popular girl after her previous appearance on TS Seduction; the folks at Kink have brought her back!

Sofia Sanders is back and in character as a teasing cupid who torments her tied up man.

First she gets his cock hard just by standing next to him, tempting him with a kiss. Her teasing blow job has him jutting his hips out as far as possible in hopes of reaching her mouth.

But the fucking is where it is at for this cupid – Sofia unleashes her massive cock and works her man into a mess of sweat and desire. She foot fucks his cock, lets him rid her until she is so close to cumming she has to put him immediately on the floor just in time to release a load so thick and a cum shot so long you can’t believe she is still cumming! If she had cum inside him, he would be leaking cum out his gaping, well fucked ass all night long!

Hardcore fucking at its best. I personally hope to see more of Sofia in the future. For now, enjoy this sample gallery of the set, as well as its trailer! Don’t forget to join TS Seduction to see the full, HD movie!

Don’t forget to check out the trailer!

May 072013

Yet another girl that I met at The Tranny Awards back in February; Sofia Sanders makes her debut on TS Seduction. She rocks Jesse Carl’s asshole with her solid, thick cock. She fucks like an acrobat, cums like a champ, and leaves her man milked and spent. This super sexy, Latina bombshell does not disappoint with her luscious sex appeal and absolute power fucking.

You cheat, you pay. It’s simple; too bad the enforcers of the punishment are not simple and easy. They are tough, assassin-like women who are paid by your scorned wife to fuck you in the ass and make you scream mercy until your cock AND your brain are cured of their cheating ways. Sofia cuffs him to the bed and fucks him every which way until he oozes cum and she makes him eat her thick load. A grand debut Sofia and undoubtedly not her last.

I damn sure hope it’s not her last appearance! You can click on the picture below to see samples from the shoot, as well as the trailer.

Click here to see the trailer.

Yet another winning scene from the folks at TS Seduction!