Jan 102013

Back on the first of the year I posted a damn fine gallery of Mia Isabella and her friend Capri. The gods must have loved that set because they have blessed us with yet another one.

There’s nothing else to say, really. Two gorgeous young ladies in sexy lingerie on a stripper pole exploring each other? How can anyone be against THAT? Join Mia’s site to see the full set!


Jan 012013

As this post goes up, it is now officially 2013 here in Los Angeles. The previous year was a great one in relation to all of the beautiful ladies I have featured in this blog, and I only see more of the same with this new year.

There is no better way to get 2013 started than with a gallery featuring not one but TWO lovely ladies…Mia Isabella and Capri Anderson! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!

Join Mia Isabella’s site to see the rest!

Dec 072012

Okay. It’s pretty obvious I like to see pornographic images of the girls. However, I also love the glamour shots as well. Sure, many want to see the girl’s jewels…but some want to admire the full package as well. That’s where this set of Mia Isabella comes in. The thumbnail gallery shows very little nudity, but the overall eroticism is still there. Besides, it’s not like you’re NOT going to be aroused; Mia’s body alone will do THAT!

Again, going by this particular gallery, I don’t think Mia gets completely nude; you’ll have to join her site to see from yourself. One thing is certain though: a girl doesn’t have to always be naked to turn one on.

Beautiful pictures, Mia. If I knew who the photographer was I’d give them credit as well.

Nov 292012

I love classy shoots such as this one. A beautiful model – in this case, Mia Isabella – clothed in sexy lingerie and set against a simple yet elegant background is always welcome in my book. It shows that hardcore isn’t always necessary to stimulate the libido; the tease alone can turn on many a person.

And turned on I was. The look in Mia’s eyes is enough! Click the picture below to view more of this outstanding set, then join Mia’s site to see the rest. It’s work it!

Aug 292012

Once again, the folks at TS Seduction have given us yet ANOTHER winning scene featuring Mia Isabella. Check it…

Exclusive Five Star Hotels handle all security matters themselves. The cops do not come to these hotels, celebrities and body guards do. So when a potential media disaster occurs, the VP of Relations – Mia Isabella – is sent handle the issue. Tyler is the number 30 seed in the world of tennis. He met Sandra at a celebrity cocktail mixer. The two flirted and after four martini’s, shared deep, kinky secrets that gave Tyler jerk off material and a stupid plan for the following day where he sneaks past the security guard and into Sandra’s room. Now he’s hand cuffed to the brass bed and the evidence of his “foot fetish” in hotel custody. Mia responses quickly – she sends Sandra on an all expense paid spa trip courtesy the hotel to ensure she doesn’t return to her room. With the door to the presidential suite locked behind her, her cock tucked neatly in her panties and her plan to fuck Tyler into submission tucked neatly into her determined mind, Mia is sets out to clean the mess up her way.

Cum eating out of a high heel shoe, ass fucking by Mia Isabella and three cum shots – one right in his needy mouth. A day of fucking in a 5 star hotel. Kink delivers again!

If you love Mia Isabella, you’ll love this shoot.

If you love domination, you’ll love this shoot.

If you love shoe play, you’ll love this shoot.

If you love this shoot, you’ll join TS Seduction to see everything in its full glory.

Don’t forget to check out the trailer as well!