Dec 282012

I like gals in lingerie. Silky panties, lacy bras, sheer stockings, garter belts…the complete combination is such a turn on. This particular gallery of Liberty fits the bill quite nicely. Not only do I love Libby’s choices in attire, I also like the overall look of the photos. I can easily see these in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Hey…maybe they can as well!

Click on the picture to see more samples from this set, and join Libby’s site. Treat it as a year-end gift to yourselves!

Nov 142012


Yesterday, I mentioned how much I like girl-on-girl action. Apparently Liberty does as well, because in this particular set, she gives it to Holly Kiss quite well!

Yup…nothing like two beautiful women, dressed in sexy lingerie, getting down with some sapphic action…my dick was throbbing watching Libby go balls deep into her girl. You can see the pleasure and ecstasy in both ladies’ eyes; they’re enjoying this!

Frankly, you will too after you catch a glimpse of this set. Libby stated that video from this set will be released in December, fire giving you yet another incentive to join her site. Click the picture below to view the samples, then join Libby’s site to see the rest of the pictures!

Sep 252012

Well…I would imagine this is a dress most of us won’t be seeing too often at a nightclub. Because of that, I’m damn sure happy Libby decided to model it for us…mainly because it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. This dress was designed to show off her body, and it does it well.

Of course…any sexy dress needs the perfect accessories. Shoes and jewelry come to mind. She has the heels down perfectly (I love strappy ones), but it’s the rings that will catch your attention. Okay, some of you are saying “She has no rings on!”. Sorry my friends…you’re looking in the wrong location. Check out the sample gallery by clicking on the picture below to see those platinum rings. You’ll like them; trust me.

Don’t forget to join Liberty’s site after you find those rings! Muahahahah!

Aug 152012

You’ve had a long day at work. You just want to head home, get in your huge golden bed, and sleep. Uh, oh…someone beat you there!

Can you imagine coming home and seeing Libby laying there in sexy lingerie jilling herself off? What would you do. Watch her until she finished? Join in? Everyone can guess what I’d choose to do!

Since I can’t actually be there with her, I’m glad she has this nice gallery of pictures to share with us instead. Why doesn’t everyone take a look at this sample gallery, then join her site to see the rest. It’s the next best thing to actually being there!