Feb 152013

Let’s see. I’ve posted a gallery of KimBella from Bob’s Tgirls. I’ve posted a gallery of her from Frank’s Tgirl World. I might as well post one of her from Buddy Wood, as seen on Shemale Yum! Blackula, you’ll get your chance soon as well; I’ve seen her set on Shemale.xxx.

She’s going to be popular at the Tranny Awards this Sunday…mark my word!

Feb 142013

First off, happy St. Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope your respective day has gone well so far.

I’m going to keep this post at a minimum. I figured that post a couple of days ago of Texas cutie KimBella would be fairly popular. She has that something that just makes everyone happy. So to keep everyone smiling, I’m going to post another gallery of her, courtesy of my buddy Frank (hope to see you this weekend at the Tranny Awards!). So click on the picture below to check out the samples, then join his site to see the full set. Trust me…you’ll love it!

I love seeing models being photographed by different photographers. I was wondering how Bella would look with the FTG treatment…no disappointments whatsoever! Excellent job my friend’

Feb 112013

KimBella is one girl who is going to blow up. Those of you in Texas and Los Angeles have seen her around; now she’s going nationwide. She happens to,be good friends with über-hotties Jane Marie and Sophia Ferriera…two young ladies who are NOT strangers around these parts. All three are supposed to be at the Tranny Awards this weekend; I hope to get a Charlie’s Angels-type pose from them. If I do, I just might make that my new header image!

I degrees from the task at hand. KimBella is making her debut on Bob’s Tgirls with this particular set. There’s just something really sexy AND naughty about a hot young beauty dressed as a sexy nurse. With Kim’s curvy body filling out that tight outfit, one can’t help but think nasty thoughts.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of her. She already has quite the following on Twitter and Tumblr, so we won’t have to wait too long to see more from her. For now, enjoy this sample gallery courtesy of Bob…and join his site to see the complete set

La Bella Vega!