May 012013

No sample galleries in this particular post, but sample pictures from three beautiful young ladies: Kelly Clare, Annalise Rose, and Gianna Rivera. Three different looks, but all hot none the less. Everyone can thank Bob’s Tgirls for these stunning pictures.

Look for more samples from each set to come within the coming week. Isn’t this a great way to start the month of May off?




Nov 212012

Well, damn!

I’m actually at a loss for words here. Just seeing Danni Daniels TAKE Kelly Clare’s ass away from her was just mind blowing!

These two weren’t faking either; they were DEFINITELY into THIS scene…and so will you after viewing the sample gallery AND video…in both Quicktime and flash. Do yourselves a favor: get comfortable and check out that video and these pictures. Needless to say, you WILL be joining Kelly’s site to see the full movie in all it’s glory!

Excellent job, ladies! Love that girl-on-girl action!


Sep 272012

If you follow Kelly Clare on her Twitter page, you’ll probably recognize her current avatar being from this set. Ever since she first placed it there, I’ve been waiting to see the full set. It’s been released, and to no surprise it’s pretty damn hot.

On the artistic side, pairing Kelly in pink with a white background (and settings) is pretty stunning. On the sexual side, just looking at her posing will be enough to get any man off. And it gets better after she removes the dress and her panties!

I’m assuming pink is one of Kelly’s favorite colors. I’ve seen her in pink lingerie, a pink bikini, a pink fishnet dress…and my favorite of all, a pink cut-up dress that I saw her wearing in a set with Ashley George. I’ve included a sample gallery; that’s TWICE the Kelly dosage!

Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with both galleries. Be sure to join her site to see ALL of the pictures (and her videos as well).