Jan 072013

Ah, the wonders of technology. Remember back in the day when a gal wanted to play with a dildo she had to manually insert it in and out of her pussy? Sure if looked hot and got the job done (and got the girl off), but it could be time and energy-consuming.

Hats off to whoever invented the fucking machine, where all a girl has to do is line up and play with the controls! Another hats off goes to the folks at SMC Revenue for the creation of a site that features nothing but hotties getting off with said machine!

That’s right, folks…introducing Shemale Fucking Machines.com!

If you enjoy watching girls get off with such sophisticated machinery, you’ll love this site. I’ve seen many girls have MULTIPLE orgasms while using this machine; the visual can be pretty epic.

Check out this sample gallery featuring the sultry Jonelle Brooks; I’ve also included sample clips to the accompanying video. After hearing her moans of ecstasy, you’ll have no other choice than to join the site to see more!


Sample clips can be seen by clicking the picture below!

Aug 162012

Ask any guy this question. “Do you think it looks sexy when a hot gal is taking a bubble bath?” I guarantee that one hundred percent of the answers would be a resounding YES. Because of this, I’m damn happy our resident Floridian Jonelle Brooks decided to do a set in bubbles. Seriously…after viewing these pictures, I don’t have anything else to say. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…and continue to wish I was there with her scrubbing her back.

I’m STILL regretting not being able to see her at Trysexual Tuesday at Revolution July 31st!

Click on the picture below to see our soapy siren, and join her site after finishing to see the rest of the pictures!