Jan 062014

A post about the beautiful Joanna Jet. Normally I’d post this on the Tumblr page I created for her, but decided to put this particular update here instead.

I frequent the forum Hung Angels. One of the recent threads was about stockings and the relative lack of ladies wearing them anymore. One of the members of the forum happen to put three ladies who continue to wear stockings in their sets: Krissy, Delia, and our own Joanna Jet By coincidence, Joanna’s latest gallery on her site features her in some sexy stockings!

Needless to say, there will be some very pleased fellas out there (with very hard dicks) when they see this set. Joanna is looking as classy as usual in a sexy dress, high heels, and of course those stockings. What else could a man ask for? VIDEO lol!

Will anyone give Joanna the attention she desires? Have you all joined her site to see the full set yet? What are you waiting for?!

Jul 122013

Who here doesn’t like classy photography? Judging by one of her latest galleries, our friend Joanna sure isn’t one of those folks. She gives her fans a beautiful black and white gallery featuring herself in a stunning black gown. Think “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”…except in this case breakfast will be at Joanna’s! It’s pretty obvious she has something for you all to chow down on as well 😉 .

For those of you who don’t prefer the monochromatic photoshoot, Ms. Jet has a message for you all as well.

“Black and white was the way to go for this shemale from the sixties but a Technicolor version will be published later too ;-)”

So stay tuned; even MORE goodies are on the way! For now, check out this gorgeous set and join her site to see the full shoot!

Jun 252013

Lots of ladies choose lingerie as their outfit of choice when it comes to their erotic images. Don’t get me wrong; as a lover of women in intimate apparel, I welcome that. However, most of the ladies usually choose the “generic” colors of black, white, red, or pink. Someone needs to shake things up a bit!

“I do not wear blue very often so I thought, for this set, I would go full-on with blue which includes a very rare set of fully fashioned nylons ;-)” – Joanna Jet

It figures Joanna would be the one who goes against the norm. In this new set from her site, she decided to break out the blue lingerie, complete with rare blue fully fashioned stockings. As if she needs to give me yet ANOTHER reason to love her!

Click on the picture below to see some samples from this set…and join her site after you’re finished. You won’t need much prodding after seeing those sweet seams on Joanna’s smooth legs!

Apr 172013

Yet another excellent scene from TS Pussy Hunters featuring the dominant Joanna Jet. Only THIS time, she switches!

“Wha? Exactly. There is so much going on in this scene you will be able to pick your favourite part and still have more options. Joanna Jet and Penny Barber switch in this fantasy dungeon scene that comes to life when Joanna slips in her kitchen while doing chores. Penny’s dark world involves rope and commands to earn worth. Joanna is a tied up toy with her hard cock exposed for Penny’s demands. She climbs all over Joanna’s cock, cumming while Joanna works hard to get her off.

Then, in ultimate fantasy world, Joanna becomes the top and Penny must submit her ass and mouth to Joanna’s wicked, hardcore fucking prowess that climaxes in a thick pop shot.”

As soon as I saw Joanna’s name in the description, I KNEW it would be a hot scene…even when she’s the bottom. As for Penny? I damn sure hope she appears in another scenario…soon!

Click the picture below for sample pictures from this shoot; click here for the trailer; click here to join TS Pussy Hunters!

Don’t forget to check out the trailer by clicking here!

Apr 162013

Not only does he get to travel the world with Joanna Jet, he gets to be in photoshoots with her! Seriously…does he even realize how many fellas (and ladies) wish that would happen to them? He’s living the life!

And just look at how hot Joanna is in this set. Beautiful lingerie as always, sheer stockings, and killer red heels…how did ol’ Max keep his composure? He certainly had a fun time in Las Vegas! Join Joanna’s site to see more…as if viewing the sample pictures isn’t incentive enough to do so…

Stay tuned for more of Joanna tomorrow!