Sep 132013

Well…football season is finally here. What could be better than a football-themed shoot featuring the ravishing Jessica Fox?

Jessica is working for a football recruit and her style of drafting involves more than just watching on field play. For a select few – who may or may never have professional football careers as that doesn’t matter to Jessica – she convinces them to show her what they have under their pads and gets the guys turned on with her groping hand jobs and soft lips.

Beau is easy pickings for Jessica and she has a special desire for his cock in her ass. She also wants to see his face when he opens his eyes while pounding her to discover he is not the only one with a hard cock. Jessica’s proud cock slaps his belly while he pumps balls deep into her ass. At first, Beau refuses to touch her cock but after accepting that his own dick has stayed missile hard inside her ass, he figures he might as well see what another cock feels like – especially one attached to a soft, big titted babe.

Jessica seduces Beau blow job by blow job and slowly she convinces him to let her push her cock into his ass. She kisses him while thrusting into his ass, and Beau can no longer resist her.

This switch scene is so hot, Jessica cums twice – once while getting fucked by Beau and then while fucking him from behind. She even uses Beau cum load as lube for his ass. She spits the milked load right out of her mouth and all over his butt hole before plowing him for her second orgasm.

Holy SHIT…it looks like the folks at TS Seduction have done it again! Why don’t y’all check out these sample images from the movie…and the trailer as well. Don’t forget to join the site when you’re finished blowing your load!

Click here to view the trailer!

Jun 012013

What a way to start off the month of June! I’ve been waiting on this particular scene from TS Pussy Hunters ever since Venus tweeted behind-the-scenes pictures from it. Lets see: three of the best tops in the business versus one horny and willing young lady? You KNOW that’s the recipe for a great scene!

Earlier today 2 Federal Agents stormed’s Armory and arrested several of the company’s directors. In an attempt to make the news go viral, has released seven minutes of compiled footage from the raid. The reasons of the arrests are still unknown…or are they?

How do you take down one of the world’s toughest Femme Fatales? You can’t just make her submit you have to plan, scheme, catch her off guard and enlist your toughest guns. Eva Lin, Jessica Fox and Venus Lux take down Maitresse Madeline in a never seen before Transsexual GANG BANG ORGY where everyone fucks everyone.

The three Ts women make Madeline submit, with the roughest, sexiest power fucking in this epic one year anniversary feature update of

Whew! I’m sure glad I wasn’t in the building when the raid went down…or else that could’ve been ME getting owned!

Of course I’m providing a sample gallery and the trailer to this scene…they’re both REQUIRED VIEWING! Another winning scene from TS Pussy Hunters; join today!

You can view the trailer here.

Aug 192012

Boy is Jessica looking good in that fishnet and those boots. Carey Ann is looking hot as well in her mesh top. Obviously the girls are turned on because they go at each other without abandon. Yup…it’s pretty obvious I LOVE girl-on-girl action, and Devil’s Tgirls delivers on a major scale with this scene.

You can check out some sample pictures (large format!) from the scene below…and I’m pretty sure you’ll join the site to see the rest!