Jun 132013

As many of you know by now, three-time Tranny Awards winner Jane Marie has retired from the industry. Very few girls entering into this genre had that “something, something” that makes one stand out. Jane Marie had it. I was one of the lucky ones to have actually met her and hang out with her. The girl can party and look good doing it as well!

Of course I respect her decision. She came in, she saw what she had to do, she appeared in great content (with even more to be released), and decided to leave while on top…and there’s no denying she was one of the top girls in the industry. Jane, have success in all of your endeavors…and thank you for sharing your beauty with us. I know you have a great head on your shoulders and you will be a winner with whatever you take on in life.

I’ll still leave her in one of the header images on this site.

Here is yet another gorgeous gallery from the folks at Shemale Club. Enjoy, and join the site to see the full set!

Mar 282013

What can I say? Jane Marie happens to be one of my favorite models. Why else would she be on the banner of this blog? She has the looks and the brains to be a superstar…and that has been solidified with the amount of awards she’s won. After viewing this set of her in her sexy lace dress and Louboutins, her popularity will only continue to rise. Why don’t you all take a long look at these pictures, then head over to Shemale Club to see the complete set.

Hmm…maybe a new banner picture is called for…I’ll think about it!

Mar 182013

Well, well…it looks as if our cover girl (and winner of three Tranny Awards™) Jane Marie gets lucky with her friend Rod in this set courtesy of Shemale Club. And to think she stopped in this little bar just to use the pay phone! It’s pretty obvious she’s irresistible to ANY man…

Check out the great pictures in the sample gallery below…and also check out sample video from the set as well! After you’re finished, join Shemale Club to see both the pictures AND the movie to completion!


Sample clips can be seen below, as well as clicking here

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Nov 102012

Jane Marie is just a beauty. No matter what setting she is in with a shoot, she’s looking beautiful. Needless to say, the folks at Tgirl Pinups made the right decision in choosing her for this pinup set. I can honestly see some of the GIs of World War II having one of these pictures up on their wall reminding them of the beauty that awaits them when they return home. Excellent job!

Click the picture to see samples of the shoot, then join Tgirl Pinups to see the full set!

Oct 012012

Whenever a gallery of the girl I chose to represent TransGalleria appears, it must be posted for everyone to see. More of Jane Marie is always a good thing, and this photoset doesn’t disappoint. Of course her choice in wardrobe is always on point; she’s very stylish. I think it also turns her on; she pleasures herself for all to see.

And just look at that smile.

Needless to say, I like this gallery. I (and Jane as well) hope you do as well. Check it out, and be sure to join Shemale Club to see the rest of the pictures!