Mar 032014

Honey Foxxx has one of THE BIGGEST COCKS in the business and I am glad to see her back on!

Empty bars on holidays can be just the place to drowned your troubles and even seek a little lonely company. Honey can see the easy pickings sitting in front of her just as clearly as she can see the empty bar that surrounds him. She uses her sex appeal and bartenderly trust to convince him to forget his troubles a different way.

He can not resist her offer for a blowjob. She puts his cock in her mouth and teases and teases his dick with her mouth. It’s time for him to know just how deep this rabbit holes goes, however, and so Honey slowly unloads her thick, HUGE cock onto his lap. Honey’s cock comes out of her panties with a thump!

He can not resist because he doesn’t want to – he wants her big dick up his ass and in his mouth. He wants to feel her stretch him out and milk his prostate with her dick until cum flows out of him uncontrollably. When she’s done, she sends him home, with the memory of her big cock stretching him out and the sticky feeling of dried cum on his ass.

Damn…how can anyone NOT love this? Click here for some sample pictures and here to view the trailer. Of course I don’t need to tell you all to join TS Seduction afterward; now could you NOT?!


Nov 262012

Yet another hot scene from TS Pussy Hunters…which coincidentally happens to be Honey Foxxx’s last scene; she recently announced her retirement from the industry. With scenes like this, I’m going to miss her!

“Courtney and Honey have the shitty luck of being busted on a Friday night which means they will be locked in county jail until Monday morning. There is one single bed and one blanket for 48 hours. Courtney waits until she can take it no longer and starts to press her huge tits up against Honey in hopes she will respond. When Honey doesn’t push Courtney away, she continues to try and get in Honey’s pants. And what is in Honey’s pants is going to make Courtney very happy, she just doesn’t know it yet. Honey lets Courtney feel in control before flipping her over and revealing her enormous cock. She fucks her tits, her pussy and her mouth until Courtney gapes open and satisfied. Honey cums on Courtney luscious tits. “

Is this how things are at the San Francisco County Jail? Thank god one of the deputy’s was filming it haha!

Click below on the picture to view the sample gallery, and click here for the trailer. Needless to say, you WILL be joining the site to see the full scene…as well as the other great content!

Sep 122012

Okay, I know I just recently did a post on this starlet…but I HAVE to share the trailer from her upcoming DVD directed by Joey Silvera called…what else? FIVE STAR BITCH!

If the player isn’t showing above, or isn’t working (I have problems embedding videos once in awhile), you can view it on Evil Angel itself.

With a lineup that includes Honey Foxxx, Venus Lux, Chanel Couture, Tiffany Starr, and GG Katie Summers, you KNOW it will have some hot scenes. As I post this, the box cover has not been released…but you all already know how hot Jane Marie is. I mean, c’mon…she’s a FIVE STAR BITCH!