Oct 242012

I’ll be honest. No slight to the other photographers out there, but some of my favorite pictures of Hazel Tucker have come from Frank on his site. I can’t explain why though; he seems to bring something extra out of her.

Well I’m pleased to say these two have reunited to bring us yet another great photoset. As many of you already know, Hazel recently had her chest done; she’s more busty and more beautiful. She’s also rocking the darker hairstyle these days giving her a more authoritarian image (at least to me). She’s dressed a bit casual in this particular set; however, there’s nothing wrong with that. She can pull off ANY look…as we’ve seen in the past.

Hazel’s fans have been waiting for more content for her; she is NOT disappointing none the least. These pictures by Frank show that pretty damn nicely. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us! For now, enjoy this gallery…and join not only Frank’s site but Hazel’s site as well!

Oct 122012

It’s really nice seeing you make an appearance on Shemale Club with your new look. I’m loving the new twins, and I’m also loving the darker hair. I’m not alone with that assessment either! Many of your fans have been waiting for your return, and you haven’t disappointed them one bit.

I know there will me much more content of you coming out within the next few months, but I just had to share this sample gallery with everyone. I hope it pleases the masses; I know I’m happy with it!

To everyone else…stay tuned. I’ve seen some other pictures I know you all will enjoy. For now, enjoy this gallery! And thank you, Hazel!