Mar 032014

Honey Foxxx has one of THE BIGGEST COCKS in the business and I am glad to see her back on!

Empty bars on holidays can be just the place to drowned your troubles and even seek a little lonely company. Honey can see the easy pickings sitting in front of her just as clearly as she can see the empty bar that surrounds him. She uses her sex appeal and bartenderly trust to convince him to forget his troubles a different way.

He can not resist her offer for a blowjob. She puts his cock in her mouth and teases and teases his dick with her mouth. It’s time for him to know just how deep this rabbit holes goes, however, and so Honey slowly unloads her thick, HUGE cock onto his lap. Honey’s cock comes out of her panties with a thump!

He can not resist because he doesn’t want to – he wants her big dick up his ass and in his mouth. He wants to feel her stretch him out and milk his prostate with her dick until cum flows out of him uncontrollably. When she’s done, she sends him home, with the memory of her big cock stretching him out and the sticky feeling of dried cum on his ass.

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Mar 012014

That’s right…the goddess (and three-time Tranny Award winner) Venus Lux returns to Kink with yet another smoking hot set.

Venus is the queen of quadrant 646. She gets everything she wants and today she wants a hot, little American girl from the lower ranks. The powerful Queen has her cock throbbing against her royal clothes just waiting for Gia to get it wet with her squirting pussy. A river of wet orgasms soaks the ship’s floor before Venus slips her cock into Gia’s pussy for rough, hot sex in bondage that leaves both girls spent.

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Feb 022014

There’s nothing I love seeing more than Venus Lux fucking some nice pussy. She’s at it again here on TS Pussy Hunters, which is most welcome.

Venus pretends to primp for the evening gown competition while Krissy stretches for the talent portion. Her talent – baton, Venus’ talent – is intimidating the shit out of her opponents and Venus has more than one trick up her “sleeve”. When Krissy takes the bait, Venus goes in for the shag, whipping out her cock and making Krissy suck it all the way to her balls.

Venus shows off her physical prowess as she fucks Krissy to the moon and back before revealing the real truth pageant judges and her power to seduce them!

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Jan 312014

Here we go again with yet another hot scene featuring Sofia Sanders on TS Seduction!

Sofia takes her time teasing her little pig boy until his cock drips with pre-cum. She fingers his ass, jerks his cock and straddles his face with her luscious ass. She leans down close and puts her own hard, thick cock to his lips. He kisses her cock. This is the last time he will take a calm breath.

Sofia is a powerhouse of a Dom, she fucks fast and hard with every inch of her stiff cock. She spins around in his ass and fucks him in a reverse pile driver – a move that can not be explained in words – that needs to be seen!

Sofia jerks every drop out of his cock while fucking him and pulls out with an explosive load of her own.

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Jan 302014

I know I’m posting this a bit late, and I’m pretty sure many of you have seen pics from this set floating around. I don’t care! Miranda is an attractive young lady and more of her is ALWAYS a good thing!

The stunning Miranda is a very fit girl with a gorgeous body, beautiful natural tits and a huge hard cock! She likes it rough as can be. You can toss her around, chock her, kiss her very roughly, pin her up against a wall and really fuck her brains out and she won’t complain. She’s a total bottom to the point where she’s never even topped any one. Pretty sure that makes Geoffry happy!

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