May 012013

No sample galleries in this particular post, but sample pictures from three beautiful young ladies: Kelly Clare, Annalise Rose, and Gianna Rivera. Three different looks, but all hot none the less. Everyone can thank Bob’s Tgirls for these stunning pictures.

Look for more samples from each set to come within the coming week. Isn’t this a great way to start the month of May off?




Apr 042013

Well it’s springtime. The weather is warming up and the ladies are starting to wear less. Soon it’ll be summer and we all will be lounging by the pool. Here in Los Angeles, the weather has been pretty nice for a minute, so my good buddy Bob decided to call up blonde bombshell Gianna Rivera to do a shoot by his pool.

I’m glad he did. Gianna looks very relaxed in this set, both on the deck and in the pool. I only wish I was there to lounge with her. I tweeted a sample from this set about a week ago; now everyone can check out more samples to,see why I liked this shoot so much. Don’t forget to join Bob’s Tgirls to see ALL of the pictures!

Man…I can’t wait until summer…

Feb 012013

So what’s a great way to start the month of February? Why, with another set of cutie Gianna Rivera, this time courtesy of Bob’s Tgirls. He has her working that stripper pole in this set. I tweeted a sample pic (not in this gallery) on Wednesday; it proved to be quite popular. Because of that I’m posting the thumbnail gallery.

I guess her job as a candy striper (seen in this gallery previously posted by me) isn’t paying all of the bills haha!

Seriously though, we need to see more of this young lady. Gianna, get your fine ass back out here to Los Angeles…and I hope some of you producers out there are checking her out! Click on the picture to view sample pics from this set, and join Bob’s Tgirls to see the full set in its completion!

Dec 112012

I like Tgirl Pinups. Seeing the girls glammed up in vintage lingerie and such is such a turn on. I have to give props to them for the concept; it’s different!

It’s apparent the girls like it as well; Tgirl Pinups gives them a chance to “live out the past” in a modern setting. The girls I’ve spoken to all stated they enjoyed the experience; they also got nice pinup-style pictures to boot. I think Gil Elvgren would love the site as well!

Take a peek at this gallery featuring Gianna Rivera. With her blonde hair and pretty smile, I think she’s perfect for the concept. Add the vintage-style makeup and setting and you’ve got the perfect setup. At least one of these pictures could have appeared in an issue of Esquire; I also can see some of the WWII soldiers pinning one of the pictures up on the wall!

Join Tgirl Pinups to see the full gallery; it’s a blast from the past!


Oct 072012

The nurses’ outfit is a very popular outfit for photoshoots. It happens to be one of my favorites as well. Needless to say, I was VERY happy when Bob posted this gallery of Gianna Rivera dressed as one sexy doctor’s assistant. (I like the panty peeks as well!)

Given the fact she IS in the doctor’s office, Gianna sees to giving herself a thorough examination…and we are all lucky there is photo evidence of it occurring. I’m not sure if there’s video to go to this set…but we can only hope, since Gianna is one hot gal…in and out of the uniform!

Check out the pictures for yourself, and join Bob’s Tgirls to see the rest. One warning though…if your blood pressure goes up looking at these photos, Gianna will NOT be there to help you out!