Dec 172012

I hadn’t seen Heather Hung in quite awhile. The last time in fact was at Cobra. To my surprise, she makes a return appearance on my buddy Frank’s site complete with a somewhat new look: she had her breasts done! A pretty young woman looking even better; I like that.

Lovers of fishnets will love this set; there’s nothing left to hide once Heather removes that trench coat. Take a look at the samples below by clicking on the picture, then join Frank’s Tgirl World to see the full set of high resolution pictures. You will NOT be disappointed…!

Nov 282012

I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t get a chance to see Yazlene while she was in Los Angeles. She’s one of the coolest gals in the industry…and one of the prettiest. I’m glad my buddy Frank decided to have her on his site, giving her the photographic treatment she deserves.

She’s come a long way from being one of the dancers at Blue Moon Nights…and I’m happy to be a witness to her evolution. Click on the picture below for the sample gallery, and join Frank’s Tgirl World to see the full set.

Thank you Yazlene and Frank!

Nov 082012

Yup…after seeing her work with Bob, and Blackula for, I’ve been WAITING to see her work with Frank on his site. Glad I didn’t have to wait long…and I’m not disappointed.

Frankly, the only thing I’m disappointed in is the fact I didn’t introduce myself the last time I was at Buddy Wood’s house. Going off topic a bit here…

Anyway, Sofia makes her FTGW debut with a slightly new look; gone is the fire red hair. In its place is a gorgeous mane of blond hair. Not that many of you will be looking at her hair in this set anyway haha.

Check out the sample gallery below, and join his site to see the full set – and accompanying video – of this beautiful young woman.

Damn…thank you Texas!

Oct 242012

I’ll be honest. No slight to the other photographers out there, but some of my favorite pictures of Hazel Tucker have come from Frank on his site. I can’t explain why though; he seems to bring something extra out of her.

Well I’m pleased to say these two have reunited to bring us yet another great photoset. As many of you already know, Hazel recently had her chest done; she’s more busty and more beautiful. She’s also rocking the darker hairstyle these days giving her a more authoritarian image (at least to me). She’s dressed a bit casual in this particular set; however, there’s nothing wrong with that. She can pull off ANY look…as we’ve seen in the past.

Hazel’s fans have been waiting for more content for her; she is NOT disappointing none the least. These pictures by Frank show that pretty damn nicely. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us! For now, enjoy this gallery…and join not only Frank’s site but Hazel’s site as well!

Sep 082012

When I decided to choose a girl for the banner to this blog, I knew it had to be someone who would just capture the eye and draw you in. When I first saw pictures of Texas beauty Jane Marie (thank you Doll for introducing her to us), I knew she was the one. She has the looks and the personality to be one of the biggest stars in the industry…and she’s already on her way to do so. I mean, really…just look at that sly smile! It’s as if she knows you want her. I guarantee a nomination for Newcomer of the Year at the next Tranny Awards.

Lots of her best work has been done for the folks at Grooby. With three different photographers (Frank for his site, Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum, and Blackula for, we get to see three different looks. So I’m posting sample galleries from all three sites in this post. Besides…some of us can NEVER get enough of this beauty.

You’re never going to forget you have laid eyes on her…that’s why she’s in the banner AND the favicon! Enjoy the galleries, join the sites to see all of the full sets, and follow her on Twitter!