Jun 012013

What a way to start off the month of June! I’ve been waiting on this particular scene from TS Pussy Hunters ever since Venus tweeted behind-the-scenes pictures from it. Lets see: three of the best tops in the business versus one horny and willing young lady? You KNOW that’s the recipe for a great scene!

Earlier today 2 Federal Agents stormed Kink.com’s Armory and arrested several of the company’s directors. In an attempt to make the news go viral, Kink.com has released seven minutes of compiled footage from the raid. The reasons of the arrests are still unknown…or are they?

How do you take down one of the world’s toughest Femme Fatales? You can’t just make her submit you have to plan, scheme, catch her off guard and enlist your toughest guns. Eva Lin, Jessica Fox and Venus Lux take down Maitresse Madeline in a never seen before Transsexual GANG BANG ORGY where everyone fucks everyone.

The three Ts women make Madeline submit, with the roughest, sexiest power fucking in this epic one year anniversary feature update of TsPussyHunters.com.

Whew! I’m sure glad I wasn’t in the building when the raid went down…or else that could’ve been ME getting owned!

Of course I’m providing a sample gallery and the trailer to this scene…they’re both REQUIRED VIEWING! Another winning scene from TS Pussy Hunters; join today!

You can view the trailer here.

Nov 062012

Goddamn this HAS to be one of Kink’s best shoots on TS Pussy Hunters ever! Seeing Foxxy and Eva Lin fuck girls on seperate occasions is hot enough…but seeing them fuck TOGETHER is totally on fire! The description:

TSPussyHunters.com presents its FIRST feature update, “The Curse of Dullkight” starring Eva Lin, Foxxy, Rain DeGrey and Gia DiMarco. Foxxy and Eva Lin fuck Rain and Gia senseless in this two part series shot all outdoors. Around a campfire in the secluded hills of Northern California, Gia and Rain inadvertently summons the powers of Dullkight and awaken two hot TS woman to their little weekend getaway. If sexy women show up on your doorstep with two sybians in their hands, it is DEFINITELY too good to be true. Gia and Rain are made to suck cock and get fucked in the blazing California sun.

“Part 1: Find Them” is an hour of hardcock fucking and screaming orgasms. Be forewarned – Rain DeGrey and Gia DiMarco do NOT go gently into cum space, they scream louder than you can imagine, so you may want to watch this with your free hand on the speaker volume. We did all we could, but at some point, it’s just the nature of a good orgasm.

“Part 2: Destroy Them” includes an epic outdoor orgy. Sit back and dive into the highest quality production of Ts porn on the net.

Hardcore at its best. Kink delivers once more. You will NOT be disappointed. Check out the sample galleries and trailers below. Needless to say, you WILL want to see the whole movie and you WILL join the site.

Oct 192012

What’s better than seeing Eva Lin being sexy by herself? Seeing her get sexy with a couple of her friends…namely Carmen Moore and Vaniity!

Yup…many folks love to see hot gals frolic with each other. Whether exploring each other with their hands, tongues, or toys, it’s always a sight to behold watching ladies have fun. These two galleries don’t disappoint either. I’ll shut up now so that everyone can enjoy the visual. Don’t forget to join Eva’s site to see the full sets…and join Carmen and Vaniity‘s sites as well!

Sep 192012

As many of you know, I like pornography that has an artistic look and value to it. Many of you also know I’m pretty fond of Eva Lin. Put those two things together and I’m a happy man.

Even ignoring the artistic quality of this particular photoset, it’s still pretty damn sexy. Eva just has a look in her eyes that just makes the viewer just get down and lick every inch of her body. She has a dominant look in this shoot; I got the idea of her making me lick out her asshole from more than one of these pictures. Eroticism at its best.

See for yourself in the sample gallery…and see even more on Eva’s personal site.

Sep 102012

On my other blog, I used to pretty much post every appearance of Eva Lin on TS Seduction. Why? I knew the scenes would be just plain SCORCHING. Her latest one is no exception.

“Sensory deprivation increases the slightest touch & makes every thrust of her cock feel like total impalement.Eva Lin mind, ass & throat fucks her man.”

Blake lays in a lab bed with his head in a blackout hood and a straight jacket pinning him to bed. He can barely hear, he can not see or smell so the slightest breeze sends shivers of anticipation through his body. He is in a sensory clinic and right now in the pitch blackness of his hooded existence, in what feels like night time somehow, he can sense someone in the room. That shift in the air that indicates to our primal selves that we are not alone. His cock hardens when the presence moves closer, waving something over his body, the light touch of nails moving the hair on his thighs. Everything is bigger and more dangerous when all senses are removed and Blake is at the mercy of whomever is going to awaken his body and cock. Eva knows this, exploits it, fucks with his mind while her hand grips the head of his cock. She’s wets her lips and presses them down the shaft. Blake moans in as that explosive rush of the first touch of wetness on his cock is heighten by his complete lack of control. Eva takes out her own hard cock and slams it into his ass. She is just as hard and just as hungry to cum.

Now lets be honest. How many of you fellas would have LOVED to have been in Blake’s situation? Lots of you, I know it!

At least you can relive this fantasy. Check out the sample pictures, and also take a peek at the trailer. Don’t forget to join TS Seduction to see the full gallery as well as the full movie in all of its high definition glory!

The trailer can be viewed below!