Oct 202012

I like shoots that feature the models in lingerie, especially if it’s a color other than white or black. One complaint about most of those shoots is the fact the model is usually wearing a thong. Not that that’s bad or anything; in fact most of those ladies have that bum that REQUIRES her wearing a thong. See SHOW Magazine for what I mean.

Still, sometimes I like seeing ladies wear panties that have the full bottom. When Danielle Foxxx originally tweeted behind-the-scenes pictures from this set (she did the makeup and shot the pictures), I couldn’t wait for the set to be released. Needless to say, I’m pleased with the results. Seeing Foxxy‘s bountiful bum in those panties bring a smile to my face…among other things lol. I love the color as well.

Kudos to Foxxy looking gorgeous in this shoot, and kudos to Danielle for the set up!

Sep 292012

Damn…I don’t know WHY I didn’t post this gallery earlier!

One thing I love about Danielle Foxx is that she can be REALLY dominant. Seriously…just look at the picture below and the look in her eyes. She COMMANDS you to lick her jewels – and to do it properly. Because if you don’t…well, you’ll have to check the gallery and Danielle Foxxxjoin her site to see what she has in store for you.

I barely made it through this post…I can’t get those naughty thoughts out of my mind!

By the way…here’s an additional gallery. I love that outfit!

Aug 282012

I saw the pictures from last month. Trysexual Tuesday at Revolution Nightclub (held every last Tuesday of the month) was a success! Trust me…if I was in Orlando I would have been down there. I’m disappointed I won’t tonight because once again your hostesses Foxxy and Danielle Foxxx are going to put on one hell of a show. I’d highly suggest you all to check it out!