Aug 022013

In a previous post, our friend Chanel was enjoying a nice game of billiards…by herself. She must have been a bit bored; she calls over her boyfriend to join her! Needless to say they didn’t play THAT game long; they decided to play a more “adult” game…if you know what I mean.

Click on the pictures below to view both a gallery of pictures AND some sample video clips. Be sure to join Bob’s site to see the rest!

And brush up on your pool skills. You never know when a girl might call you over to play wink, wink…

Jun 032013

Back in the day when Peanuts was open and when cobra had a pool,table, I used to play the game a lot. Ever so often, one of the gals at the club would play a game against me. Yasmin Lee used to do this quite often. Now…seeing a beautiful young lady is always a good thing. Seeing them play in lingerie – and watching them get naked over the progress of the game – is something that NEVER happens.

Except at Bob’s house apparently.

Somehow he got resident hottie Chanel Couture to play a game against him in this sexy outfit. With her stripping out of that outfit, I KNOW Bob probably lost this particular game. At least we as viewers are winners; we get to see these kick ass pictures!

Click on the picture to see more of this great set, thenjoin Bob’s Tgirlsto see the full set. And watch out when a beautiful woman wants to play a game against you…it might be a setup!

Jan 082013

Chanel Couture makes a return appearance to TS Seduction to console the second-string quarterback Steve Sterling for losing that playoff game…

“Chanel walks in on what she thinks is her quarterback boyfriend getting all handsies with a cheer girl. She rips his helmet off to reveal the sub player from the second string. She’s embarrassed but he’s cute and we all knows how the story goes now. There is 8 inches of difference in how this story goes though as Chanel reveals her huge cock right into his face. Her beautiful, black cock is not to be missed – it’s size alone is enough to make you say awe first and beg for mercy later. To top it off, Chanel is totally hot and knows how to rock her huge cock as she milks a hands free cum shot from her man. Her big cock simply takes his prostate and massages it until he his leaking cum all over himself. But even this is not the best cum shot of the day, Chanel herself shoots a load so big you can see it from across the locker room! “

Hmm…if losing a game gives you a chance to be pounded by Chanel, there would be a lot more sub-.500 teams around! Check out the sample gallery (with the accompaning trailer here) by clicking the picture below…and join TS Seduction to see the full gallery and movie!

Dec 202012

Now THIS is an interesting scenario, brought to you by the fine folks at TS Seduction!

“Some girls are so hung, we worry some will pass out when their cocks get hard. This is true of the beautiful new talent, Chanel Couture, who is sexy with all the right curves, while being soft and hard in all the right ways. It’s hard-on making just watching her take her clothes off. Chanel becomes a pervy doctor who takes advantage of her male patient. She just wants to show him the right way to take things in his ass – what could be creepy or unethical about fucking him in stirrups on a gyno table?”

Hopefully, when I get MY prostate exam things don’t turn out like THIS. Then again, if the doctor is as hot as Chanel, maybe I’ll have a change of heart lol.

Check out both sample pictures from the shoot, as well as the trailer below. Don’t forget to join TS Seduction after you’re done!

View the trailer to this scene by clicking here!

Sep 122012

Okay, I know I just recently did a post on this starlet…but I HAVE to share the trailer from her upcoming DVD directed by Joey Silvera called…what else? FIVE STAR BITCH!

If the player isn’t showing above, or isn’t working (I have problems embedding videos once in awhile), you can view it on Evil Angel itself.

With a lineup that includes Honey Foxxx, Venus Lux, Chanel Couture, Tiffany Starr, and GG Katie Summers, you KNOW it will have some hot scenes. As I post this, the box cover has not been released…but you all already know how hot Jane Marie is. I mean, c’mon…she’s a FIVE STAR BITCH!