Oct 192012

What’s better than seeing Eva Lin being sexy by herself? Seeing her get sexy with a couple of her friends…namely Carmen Moore and Vaniity!

Yup…many folks love to see hot gals frolic with each other. Whether exploring each other with their hands, tongues, or toys, it’s always a sight to behold watching ladies have fun. These two galleries don’t disappoint either. I’ll shut up now so that everyone can enjoy the visual. Don’t forget to join Eva’s site to see the full sets…and join Carmen and Vaniity‘s sites as well!

Sep 072012

Last week I showed you all a gallery of Carmen in black lingerie. I wondered how hot she’d look in WHITE lingerie. My questions have been answered…sort of. Namely, she’s hot beyond words!

This set was photographed in Las Vegas…where I hope to be later on this month (possibly this weekend?) The weather is hot there; as stated before the hotness of Carmen won’t be helping the situation. Can I survive?!

Click on the picture to see more pics from this set. Also, check out the sample video clip as well. The full video and photoset can be found on her site!

Aug 312012

I just can’t explain it. I’m a sucker for a girl in black lingerie. Also, the less, the better. Black bra, black g-string, black stockings, black heels…THAT’S the perfect package for me.

Needless to say, I was happy when I came across this beautiful gallery of Carmen Moore. She basically has on everything I like! To top it off, she’s just a really attractive girl…a beauty in black!

On the artistic side, I also like the minimal set design. It makes the viewer focus on the model…although in this case it isn’t too hard NOT to focus on Carmen ha ha.

Take a look at the sample pictures. After you do, go to Carmen’s site and join up to see the rest. I’m sure you’ll be please with what you see. I am!

Aug 092012

I could give a damn about how hot it is right now. I need to hit Interstate 15 northbound and head to Sin City! I mean, really…just check out that beautiful vision in the picture below. How can anyone NOT want to see that up close? Gorgeous, I tell you…gorgeous.

The view of Las Vegas isn’t bad either!

Do yourself a favor…check out the sample gallery, then join Carmen’s site to see the rest.

I realize the weather is scorching right now…but that sight of Carmen on the balcony is even hotter…oh, yeah!

Carmen, I fell in love with your Twitter avatar; that’s why I posted this gallery!