Dec 052013

Im pretty sure everyone likes it when Bob features a lovely lady posing on his “infamous” pool table. I’ll admit whenever I play pool anywhere, I’m reminded of all of the lovely girls that have graced that thing. This set of Tara Jo Lee is no exception. Seeing her manipulate that stick and those balls is pure ecstasy. Then there’s the shots of her actually playing a game lol! Yup, Bob knows what I like and continues to deliver again and again. The fact that she wears glasses (another love of mine) is an added bonus!

Why don’t you all click on the picture below for a sample gallery, then join Bob’s site to see the full set. Also, try and envision Tara Jo the next time you’re at a sports bar or something shooting a game. Just don’t shoot anything else off until you get home!

Nov 292013

As everyone knows, it’s currently Black Friday. It’s the unofficial start to the holiday season…and it’s also a reminder that the weather won’t be getting any warmer around these parts (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere lol). Ever so often, one of the sites will feature a hit gal lounging in the sun with her bikini on, reminding us all of summers past.

This is the case with this set of Tropicana on Bob’s Tgirls. Oh how I wish the weather was warm again so that I could see more love ladies such as Tropicana tanning and such! Maybe I’d get lucky and catch her masturbating as well! Well with this particular photoset we get both…and I can’t thank Tropicana and Bob enough for that!

As usual, click on the picture for a sample gallery, then join Bob’s site to see the full set. Who knows; maybe you’ll see Tropicana on the beach next summer…when she visits the states again!

Oct 152013

I see great things coming ahead with this young lady. Obviously, Bob feels the same way…so much in fact, he was in conflict with naming these thumbnail galleries lol. The one with pictures is called “Reflections” while the page featuring sample video is called “If Only She Were Twins”. Personally, I could give a damn WHAT he titled these sets; as long as we have as many views of the blond bombshell that Aubrey Kate is, THAT’S all that matters!

Check out the samples, then join Bob’s site to see the full sets. You know, Aubrey would look great posing on Bob’s pool table. Hmm… (That’s an inside joke haha)

Watch Aubrey play with herself in this sample flash clip can be viewed here; four individual downloadable .WMV clips can be found here.

Sep 252013

It’s Sienna Grace!

Yup…memories of bright sunshine and warmer weather will forever remain with us because of this set. Normally I’d wait until the thumbnail gallery is released, but I just couldn’t wait to share some of these great pictures with everyone.

Of course to see the rest, you’ll have to join Bob’s Tgirls. I mean, really…with Sienna basking in those rays – and having a little dildo fun as well, how could you NOT want to see the full gallery?

Sep 112013

Sofia Sanders. Dammit, that is one sexy ass lady. We REALLY need to see more of her. Thankfully, my pal Bob put up a new set of her recently on his site.

He decided to go the “kinky” route, having her chained up…briefly, thank god. Sofia eventually had to have her hands free so that she could remove that sexy lingerie in order for us to see those luscious breasts and that sexy cock!

You might not be able to tell from the sample gallery, bit there are some really dramatic pictures within this set. Why not join to see what you’re missing? I mean, c’mon…shouldn’t the appearance of Sofia be reason enough?