May 012013

No sample galleries in this particular post, but sample pictures from three beautiful young ladies: Kelly Clare, Annalise Rose, and Gianna Rivera. Three different looks, but all hot none the less. Everyone can thank Bob’s Tgirls for these stunning pictures.

Look for more samples from each set to come within the coming week. Isn’t this a great way to start the month of May off?




Oct 082012

I know the girl is smart, but damn! How does she have the time to be an intern nurse, as well as the star of a production? It’s pretty obvious that trip to San Francisco was really productive. Annalise, you need a vacation!

In this first scene courtesy of TS Seduction, Annalise is the star of the production and that means she gets what she wants. Everything from fresh cucumber water to hand jobs from the unpaid set interns. She works her fame and her power to manipulate all the men on the crew to spread their ass cheeks for her cock. The “new guy” Chad learns this the hard way as he heads into her dressing room in an attempt to escort Ms. Rose to set. What he gets instead is his cock sucked and his ass fucked until he cums against his willing.

Take a peek at the trailer by clicking here .

In the second scene courtesy of TS Pussy Hunters, Annalise and Coral are two intern nurses who, finally after weeks of flirting, sneak off to fuck in the sleeping rooms of the hospital. Their chemistry is electric but what really keeps them flirting and fucking is their mutual lust for kinky sex that sends them wet and horny into the dark rooms of the hospital. When Coral learns that Annalise has a cock, the sex only gets hotter. They fuck in the gyno chair and all over the examine room as Annalise rams her cock in Coral’s pussy and ass.

You can check out the trailer to this scene by clicking this link.

Needless to say, Annalise is one of my favorite performers. She brings her all to a scene, whether it’s with a guy or a gal. Thank you Kink for continuing to feature her. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work…but don’t work too hard young lady!