Oct 142013

This is Krissy’s description of this particular video clip:

“I just love the thought of you being away at work, dreaming of me with a rock hard cock underneath your desk. Then, coming home, firing up your computer, and watching me stroke my Tgirl cock off for you! Of course, I would love it too if you shot a hot load all over my face!”

Yup, she’s pretty spot on with that. Time and time again, I’ll check the various blogs and such for updates to some of my favorite sites. Often a set catches my eye and wood pops up at the most inopportune time. Hey, I can’t help it! With said visual stuck in my head, it makes me wish the work day would end a lot more fast so that I could take care of that load that had built up inside of me. Thank god for iPads and lockable doors!

Below are four screenshots from the video. As you can see, Krissy had a blast shooting this video…and when I say that I mean not only had fun, but had a blast OF CUM shooting on her face. She’s damn right I’d love to do that!

Join her site to see the full video; you won’t be disappointed!

Sep 262013

One thing I love about personal sites is the labor of love that is put into them, especially if the site is an independent. My friend Krissy and her site fits the bill perfectly.

While going through her galleries – as well as other random pics seen on the web, primarily on Tumblr – I came up with an idea for a specific look for a shoot. I love seeing women in business suits; remembering Krissy did a shoot in a nice white one, I recommended her doing another…albeit with some special touches. The results are below…and I’m not the only one who likes this look. Lot of positive feedback was given on Hung Angels, and I know Krissy appreciated that. As she stated on her blog:

I always love it when Members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl request certain sets. Actually, I love it when even non-Members request for me to do on the site. This set of me in my business suit, pantyhose, glasses, and high heels was requested by a friend and is one of the galleries featured this week on the site.

I think Members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl know that I put in a lot of work to make the site a great place to visit, but everyone knows that being all business without having any fun makes life pretty dull! For me, I am just fortunate that I get to mix business and pleasure! For some reason, by the end of this set, my glasses were a bit difficult to see out of…

It sure isn’t hard work for me to get aroused by this set though! Be sure to join Krissy’s site to see this set in full. She took so many pictures, this set is actually a two-parter! If only she could see the smile on my face right now.

Thanks again, Krissy. If I come up with some other ideas I’ll damn sure let you know!

Sep 252013

It’s Sienna Grace!

Yup…memories of bright sunshine and warmer weather will forever remain with us because of this set. Normally I’d wait until the thumbnail gallery is released, but I just couldn’t wait to share some of these great pictures with everyone.

Of course to see the rest, you’ll have to join Bob’s Tgirls. I mean, really…with Sienna basking in those rays – and having a little dildo fun as well, how could you NOT want to see the full gallery?

Sep 032013

Everyone celebrate! Our good friend Krissy will be having her wedding day soon and she wanted to show off her beautiful dress. I KNEW she’d be a vision in white!

Speaking of being a white dress, that means Krissy is nice and pure. She hasn’t even touched her clitty. How do I know this? Well it’s locked up…and only I have the key. So her man is going to be VERY happy on their wedding day!

I don’t have a sample gallery to post, but I DO have these sample pics taken from Twitter and Hung Angels (thanks, arena95). Take a look at them, and join Krissy’s site. Treat it as a wedding present!

Jul 292013

I didn’t want to wait for a sample gallery to be released; I wanted to share samples of this fabulous model with everyone as soon as I could! No rambling or anything; just some pictures of who I think will be a very popular model. A cute face, a banging body, and cute toes; what more could you want in a girl?

Enjoy the pics, and be sure to join Bob’s site to see the full set!