Oct 312013

Tranny Awards and Celebration Party Tickets on Sale Now:

This year we’ll be running both The Tranny Awards on Sunday night and the following evening’s Celebration Party at Dragonfly.

The Tranny Awards :

We’ll be starting earlier this year with a cocktail hour (or two) which will include drink specials, meet and mingles with the models and sponsors and more. We’re providing more seats (some theater style seating) for the girls as requested and aiming to have some fun entertainment, along with the the awesome show, grab bags and photo opportunities.

The Celebration Party :
This will be ran this year by our team and we’ve made some changes to last year. There will be sponsor opportunities and branding for The Tranny Awards. The stage will be jam packed with your favorite TS porn dancers (there will be less than last year to give girls more stage time), great DJ’s and the whole event will be redecorated for the show.

The Celebration Party will have a full media wall in the courtyard of the club where models, nominees and winners will be able to meet fans for photo opportunities and we expect to have some cool give-aways and gifts.

We’ve reduced the cost of tickets for the Celebration Party event significantly from last year.

We’re going to be able to offer discounts for those buying in advance or wanting to buy both nights as a package. It will cost $40 on the door for The Tranny Awards and $20 on the door for the Celebration Party – but you can buy them both in advance, $40 for both nights.

We do encourage you buy tickets in advance as we’re unable to guarantee access on the night if sold out.

Nominee information is also on this page.



Mar 292013

I just wanted to share a few pictures taken by my buddy Ben from Otola Photography that he snapped of Venus at Adultcon this past weekend. Apparently she was VERY popular with the ladies and gentlemen alike…and for good reason. She’s smart and beautiful; what more could you want in a woman?

Don’t forget to check out her site!

Feb 172013

The Tranny Awards are happening this evening in Glendale. I really don’t have much to say about this…except that it’s an EXCELLENT opportunity to meet your favorite starlet up close and personal. All who attended last year can tell you how much fun was had by all. Plus it shows recognition to the girls in the industry, unlike other award shows that literally puss the girls (and guys involved) to the side.

So get out there and support them!

Feb 102013

Currently our good friend Krissy has a dilemma. As you know, she’ll be making the drive down to attend the Tranny Awards this weekend. As I type this, she has yet to settle on a dress for the event. Even though I know she has plenty of options, I’ll assume it has come down to these two…the pink or the blue. Which one, fellas?


Personally, no matter which dress she chooses, I hope she decides to don the red hair. As mentioned on her blog, I’d like to see her in the turquoise with the red hair; it makes a pretty nice contrast. Then again…that red hair really matches up with the fuchsia of the other dress.

To further help you, why not head over to her site to see her in even more pictures wearing both dresses. With the erotic and tempting poses she’ll be in, maybe your brain won’t have to make the choice…your dick will make it for you. Oops!

Yup…this just might be a difficult decision for her. Thank god I know I’m wearing a suit. But which color…?

Oct 112012

First off, a belated (by one day) happy birthday to my friend Venus Lux! To celebrate that – as well as the launch of her website – Venus is having a party tonight at Tru Hollywood. Unfortunately, due to work I will not be in attendance…but that shouldn’t stop the rest of you from coming out and showing support for this cool young lady!

I’m also including this sample gallery courtesy of Shemale Club. You can expect to see more of this when Venus’ site opens for business!