Oct 242015

It’s been a LONG time (almost a full year!) since I’ve posted here.  Why the long absence?  It’s just more convenient to post the majority of my pics on Flickr and on my 500px profile.  I also get more views at these places (as well as my Facebook page).

I’ve been away so long, my OLD LOGO is still the default!  Gonna have to rectify that eventually.

So I’m still around…just not here as often.  Sorry!

Sep 232014

…so I decided to post these two pictures of myself: one solo and one with my friend (and dancer) Raquel Starr. These photos were taken by my friend Al from Altomic Visuals; more of his work can be seen by clicking his link in the side bar.



I really need to get back in the loop of posting here. The reason why I haven’t been as frequent is because most of my pictures go on Flickr and (to a lesser extent) 500px. At least the Flickr updates can be seen in the sidebar!

Stay tuned; I’ll resume posting here little by little!

May 312014

While on that trip to Las Vegas, I decided to head down to Hoover Dam. Since it’s only about 30 or so miles from The Strip, it wasn’t a big deal. No traffic, not too many tourists…the only thing I could complain about was the fact that IT WAS HOT! That’s what I get for getting to the dam with the sun directly overhead!

I took a nice selection of shots; these happen to be my favorites. Maybe at a later date I’ll post a few more. These have previously been posted on my Flickr page as well.