Nov 292012

Yes…I actually had a Thursday off due to Thanksgiving, so of course I headed up to North Hollywood to see Transfix for myself. Needless to say, I’m going to regret not being able to attend more often; I had a great time!

I also took a lot of pictures…as well as one video. So I’ll stop rambling so that you all can get to looking at them. Head up there tonight to have some fun for yourself!

May 112012

Whenever I see Eva’s name anywhere NEAR TS Seduction, I already know it’s going to be a hot scene. I don’t even have to take a peek at any of the pictures or the video clips…I know there’s going to be plenty of passion between her and whoever she’s dominating. I also know the guys with her are DEFINITELY enjoying themselves.

Here is the description straight from the site.

She’s a man eater. Eva Lin is back seducing an intern with her eyes and then fucking the living shit out of him. His screams say it all – this hurts so good.
A job review, leads to a foot job, that leads to an ass fucking so brutal his only answer is to get a hard cock.

There is no stopping Eva and no point trying. She ravages his cock until he cums in her mouth and then after she spits his load into his mouth, she whips out her cock and takes full advantage of the shocked O shape his mouth instantly makes by shoving her dick in it. A long night of fucking leads to two more pop shots and a very sweaty, happy Dom as Eva grins down at her new employee.

I KNOW everyone checking out this sample gallery of pictures (and sample video as well) from her latest appearance on the site will want to see more…and more…AND MORE! Y’all know what to do!

Normally, I’d embed the trailer into the page. This time, I’ve decided to include a link to the trailer itself. So click here to see Eva and Cole in action! And don’t forget to check out Eva’s solo site as well!

Dec 232011

I thought these sample videos were so hot, I decided to share them both with everyone. Click here to see Ryder playing with herself solo and click this link to see her with Mistress Surgeon. And don’t forget to click here to join Tgirl Fetishes when you’re finished blowing your load!

Dec 212011

Don’t EVER piss off a woman without knowing the full truth!

Mike uses arrogance to cover his lack of experience. This has worked for him his whole life. Until today.
Eva entertains his sexiest bullying. She politely listens, takes stalk of his little comments and demands, seduces him into believing that the “boss” he will be interviewing with will be late today. That Mr. Jones is never on time…then ass fucks him after she seduces him w/a wet blow job & the hope of fucking her. Talk about woman’s liberation!

It’s scenes like this one on TS Seduction that shows why Eva Lin is a legitimate contender for multiple 2011 Tranny Awards nominations. She just has that presence! Just look at the sample clip below for more proof. For the full scene, join the site today!

If the above video isn’t showing properly, click here for a sample video page.