May 182012

The tattooed hottie (whose bangs just drive me wild) makes her debut appearance on TS Seduction banging the shit out of Parker London. From the site:

Traveling has all kinds of exciting, unpredictable, life changing opportunities and stories.
Parker and Kelly find each other in a hostel bar and decide that fucking in a love hotel is too good to pass up. The only thing lost in translation is the kind of love hotel they pick.
The decked out BDSM room turns Parker’s head and secretly turns Kelly on.

She has a plan and Parker is the perfect walking hard-on who will think with his cock and let a stranger tie him up.

Kelly’s first shoot here and she shows her fucking prowess off with some of the hardest and fastest banging.

As you’ll see in the trailer, she really knows how to make her man scream with pleasure. Click on the picture below to see some pictures from the shoot, then join the site to see Kelly in her full glory!

Don’t forget to check out the trailer!

Apr 062012

Awhile back, I mentioned that I bought some items for my friend Brittany St Jordan to wear in a shoot. Well that particular set has gone live! Here is Brittany’s description of the set.

“It is no secret that I am a complete and utter foot and pantyhose whore and thoroughly fucking enjoy soft silky pantyhose wrapped around my skin with sky high heels to complete the entire thing. In this particular update you get to see me strip down to just my hose and heels while playing with my cock both inside and through the silky hose draped over it. All of this builds to the ultimate shot of cum blasting through the pantyhose. You don’t want to fucking miss this!!!

Pantyhose and heels graciously donated by @bilarichfield [my Twitter name] via my wishlist. Thank you Ben!!!”

You’re MORE than welcome, Brit!

A few samples are below. Needless to say, I’ll be on her site checking out the rest. Y’all should join as well to take a peek!

Time to add another video to my iPhone and iPad…!

Mar 222012

As I stated in another blog entry, I had the chance to shoot some pictures of Krissy for her site while she was visiting Los Angeles for the Tranny Awards. Well, they’ve been published! I know, I know…many of you figured I’d blog about this as soon as they went up. I didn’t have to; Krissy spoke about them herself on her personal blog!

I like the way the pictures came out. However, I DO wish I had had more lights. That problem is being rectified by Scott and I as I type this. The next time I shoot Krissy (or any other girl for that matter), everyone will see a marked improvement. Not that much needed to be done here!

Below are a few samples; to see the rest, of course you’ll have to join her site. Believe me…it’s worth it.

Thank you Krissy for giving me the chance to show off my skills. I hope to work with you again!

Feb 012012

Quite a few of the ladies with solo websites have wishlists. Of course, some of you will balk at the idea of buying something off of those wishlists without getting something in return. Not me! I saw it as the chance to see a favorite model in something a bit more…personal.

Let’s face it…having your own solo site takes a lot of hard work, as well as a lot of money for wardrobe, makeup, talent, etc. I found that out with Victoria di Prada. I recommended to her that if she were to wear a Hooters outfit, she’d get more hits and subscriptions. Guess what happened? A girl has to do things to keep her site fresh for her fans…and wearing the same thing over and over again (save shoes and jewelry) can get boring. Hence the wishlists. I had no problems purchasing some of these items; friends do stuff like that for friends. It’s not that the girls are being greedy; it’s more like a fan contributing to the success of their favorite model’s site.

So there you have it. Practically everything Brittany is wearing in this picture was purchased by yours truly. I’m pretty sure that this outfit alone will have some folks joining her site to see more.