Jun 262013

Okay…the awards were way back in February; pictures from the pre-party, after-party, and the awards themselves have been posted. HOWEVER…while going through his hard drive, Scott came across some pictures he snapped at the pre-party. These should have been posted a while ago…but weren’t. So here you go; better late than never!

Feb 252013

The night before the Tranny Awards, my friend Buddy Wood had a party where all of the Grooby staff as well as some of the models get together for some barbecue (courtesy of Morgan Bailey and Frank) and all around general fun. Now normally I’d have my DSLR with me to shoot the action, but this time I wanted to enjoy the party a bit more. I DID have my point-and-shoot with me though; below are a few pictures I snapped with it.

As for the pictures from the awards and after party, they’ll be posted shortly. In fact, if you were to go to Hung Angels, you could see the pictures Scott and I took at the Tranny Awards…but not before you check out these candid shots!

Mar 042012

That’s right…I’m actually posting pictures I took last Sunday at the Fourth Annual Tranny Awards. The event was held at Joseph’s Cafe in Hollywood…yada, yada, yada…let’s keep it real; y’all want to see pictures, right? Well, no more rambling on; here you go!

I randomized them, so have a good look!

Aug 182011

Okay…I’m REALLY behind with posting some of the pictures I’ve taken over the past month or so. Why? Because sometimes I’m LAZY, plain and simple! However, I’m trying to rectify this situation…starting with this post.

During the weekend of July 29-31, Adultcon was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s the perfect time to meet some of your favorite porn stars and erotic models. It’s not quite as large as the AVN Expo in Las Vegas, but you still get some of the feel to it. This particular Adultcon was special, mainly because for the first time ever, a booth featuring transsexual models was featured. Thanks to Grooby, this was done…and I feel it was a success.

I was there only on Saturday (with my buddy Bob), but I got some pretty good pictures. Unfortunately I missed it when Yasmin Lee and Estelle LaMore were there; I was off wandering when they visited the Grooby booth! Oh, well…next time. For now, check out some of the pictures I snapped that Saturday.

I plan on being at Exxxotica LA later on this month as well…so expect more pictures of this sort! I’m not sure if there will be a TS booth though…I wish there would be; Grooby’s booth was quite popular all three days. The video below was shot by my buddy Sparky on that Saturday; go to his YouTube page to see footage from the other two days.