Apr 282011

I didn’t take that many pics because I was busy catching up with friends I have not seen on a while. I have posted most of them here for you though. It was a pretty great night all the familiar faces showed up, and it was a great time for everybody. Hope you enjoy the pics.

ADDED BY BEN IN LA: Sparky also took some video this evening. Check it out below!

Jan 182011

How did this happen? Well…for a change, I signed on today at 10:30…the same time this post went up. When I sign on to work at a later time, I’ll make the trip to the club to support the ladies. Sorry Scott; I wanted to get these pictures out as fast as possible!

As usual, I had a great time. Angel sang live, Layla did her Catwoman show (complete with custom costume), Jazzmun was her usual high-energy self, and Leslie? What else can I say about this wonder lady that hasn’t? Dianne was there, as well as Devany Lopez and her crew of hot friends. Hell, even Sofie Vissa made a short appearance (and was looking as stunning as ever)!

Enjoy the pictures. I also took video of most of the performances (I had limited room on my memory card for all of them); as soon as I upload them to my YouTube page, y’all will be able to view them. And get out to MJ’s to support the ladies!

Hope to see you all next week!

Sep 222010

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Last week was hectic for me. With the painting and such going on at my house, I had absolutely no time to post any of the pictures I took at both Blue Moon Nights and The Oxwood. Well here I go with the ones from last Thursday! I actually had time to get them up, so here you go. Remember to come out and support the club!

I hope to see some of y’all next week!

Sep 012010

I’ve been so busy, I’m literally backed up on posting some of these pictures I’ve taken the past two weeks. That includes the last two weeks at Blue Moon Nights, as well as my last appearance at The Oxwood. Soooo…

I’ve decided to post all of the pictures from these nights in one post; that’s why I didn’t label any of the pictures. As you can see, fun was had by all! NOTE: the first 12 are from Blue Moon Nights; the second 11 are from The Oxwood; the last 12 are also from Blue Moon Nights…last week, in fact. So enjoy…and if you were there, reminisce!

I can’t forget the video I shot of Devany Lopez dancing at The Oxwood. Oh, yeah!

See y’all on Thursday…and hopefully Saturday as well!