Dec 172010

Jamie Jameson knows how to put on a party. Every event I’ve been to has been nothing but a smashing success. I’m pretty sure many of you have already seen the pictures taken at the Halloween party that Saturday at Hamburger Mary’s (seen here and here). I’m also sure you’ve seen the pictures Gio took (seen here) at the last event that was held at Rhythm Lounge as well.

Well…Jamie is doing it again. Tomorrow (December 18, 2010) will be her first Christmas party to be held at Rhythm Lounge! It all starts at 9:00pm, with a cover charge of $5.00 before 11:00pm. Due to the fact that I KNOW it will get packed, I’d recommend arriving early; I will, since it’s only about thirteen minutes away from my house! Don’t worry; there is plenty of parking in the area. I hope to see many of you there; I guarantee it will be LOTS of fun!

Good friend and fellow photographer Giorgio Bertuccelli even shot a pretty nice promotional video; check it out below!

Directions to the club can be seen below.

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Going through the past galleries, I realized I hadn’t even POSTED the pictures I took at Rhythm Lounge back on September 4th! So here they are; better late than never!

Video from that night, also shot by Gio!

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  1. Patty knows sultry she one the hotest tgirls i know so far she is sexy..

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