Oct 042014

The temps are high right now here in the Los Angeles area. Why not head down to Long Beach later on to cool off? It’s the first Saturday if the month, which means it’s time for Jamie’s TGirl Saturday at Hamburger Mary’s!


There’s never a dull moment at the club. Folks from all walks of life join together to drink, dance, and have fun. We all have a great time!

We’ll have three great dancers this evening: Kimera, Joanna, and Carla. We’ll also have great music, plus a raffle with cash prizes.


I hope to see many of you there this evening!

Nov 202012

Please let’s everybody take a moment to remember all those that we have lost, and another moment to be thankful for those we still have. Please share this in hope of stopping Hate crimes, Bullying, ignorance, and hope this will help educate and open the doors to help that is needed.

Ben and I have lost a few friends and there are so many uneducated people out there. So please spread the word. I have a Transgendered sister (yes by blood), and as you all know a lot of trans friends also. Please lets all help support the community, and not lose anymore friends & family to untimely deaths.

Scott & Ben

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Nov 152012

…last week, and with tonight’s show it will most likely be even more crowded. Last week just about the whole Grooby Crew showed up. Steven, Buddy Wood, Blackula, and a few models. Plus Bob from Bobstgirls, Robert from Ouano Photography, Remy X and plenty plenty more. Haven and Vanessa served drinks last week, and as usual looked amazing. Aubrey and her girls put on a fantastic show as well too. Be sure to get there before midnight to see what specials they are promoting as well. Hope to see you all there.

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Nov 082012

Yup that’s right tonight Aubrey will be hosting a Queen Universe 2012 after party. Come and congratulate this years winner Maria Roman at club Cobra. Not only will there be a special party for the winner, but quite a few of the lovely contestants will be there as well. Plus Aubrey and Julio have really stepped up to the plate. IF you arrive before 12:00 Mid-night you will get a special VIP wrist band that gets you “happy hour” drink prices all night long. Yup that’s right! Drinks are $2.00 cheaper if you show up before mid-night, and those prices are good all night long! So be sure to show up early! So until tonight here are a few pics that I’d snapped last week.

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