Jul 082011

I, as well as many others, have already been to the venue on Sundays. It’s a nice, chill atmosphere with top name stars grooving for you. The only complaint that many guys have had is the fact that it’s open only on Sundays. Many have to get sleep to start the work week on Monday.

Well…I’m pleased to say this problem has been rectified! Because the club is so popular, management has given the girls an extra day to shake their stuff…and it’s a day we can all pretty much agree on as being one of the best days of all: FRIDAYS!


Now you all have absolutely no reason not to check out the venue…so I expect to many of you to be there tonight!

Apr 212011

As many of you know, last Thursday, Morgan Bailey had a party at Blue Moon Nights. As many of you also know, I was not able to attend because of my job’s schedule. Fear not, boys and girls…my good friends Jamie and Gio WERE able to attend…and Gio got some pretty nice pictures to boot!

Dancing this evening was Jenna Rachels, Aliana Starr, Yazlene Reyes, Khloe Reyes…in attendance (besides Morgan) was Yasmin Lee, Liz, Aliize Doll…it was just a great evening all around. Damn I wish I could have been there! Oh, well, check out the pictures Gio took. And thank him when you see him!

As you can see, I also included some sample pictures of Morgan Bailey and Celeste (care of Shemale Yum). Why Celeste? Read on…

Below are some hot videos (courtesy of Tgirls.com) my friend Sparky shot. Thank him as well when you see him!

Finally…if the flier below is correct, I think y’all should head on out to BOTH places! I should be there Sunday; yessir!!

Damn…it looks like it’s going to be a great weekend! Hope to see some of y’all Sunday night!

Mar 132011

I’ll let the flyer do the talking.

I’m also gonna post a couple of sample galleries to fill this post out since I have no pictures from last week at the Topless Tparty. I came across two pictures recently that really caught my eye. One is of Mia Isabella; the other is of Ashley George. They’re not pictures out of the ordinary; they’re just a couple of pictures I happen to like. As usual, click on each one to see a few more samples from the set. And join each site after you do!

Mar 032011

Going by the amount of fun we had last week, I know I am! Especially since we’re going to continue to have some of the hottest go-go dancers performing for everyone. This week Doll and Jenna will be featured, with Clair, Jenna Belle, and Dennisse performing. Check out the flyer!

Last Thursday was just a blast. There was a girl who I didn’t get the chance to meet the last time she was down here. Her name is Honey Foxxx from San Francisco. You’ve probably seen her on TS Seduction and Black Tgirls; if you were at the club last Thursday, you would have seen her there as well! Also dancing this evening was superstar Sheeba Starr and new girl Miranda. ALL of the girls had high energy and the club was abuzz! Check out some of the pictures below.

Speaking of dancers, Buddy Wood is adding another night to the T-party…but this time the girls will be topless. Buddy Wood’s Topless T-party will be held at Vintage Industrial Strip in Sun Valley starting this Sunday March 6th (a map is below). A lot of you guys (and gals) have asked for a club like this; now you have it. Let’s show our support now!

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I hope to see everyone both nights!