Dec 062014


December is here, and the last Tgirl Saturday of 2014 is upon us. To end this year’s Saturday parties with a bang, Jamie has decided to bring back three popular girls to go-go dance for everyone:


Below is video from their last collective appearance back in September…and also video from the October party (where some of the folks from behind-the-scenes – including yours truly – are introduced).

More pictures and such can be found at Tgirl Nights. I hope to see everyone there!

Sep 062014

If it’s the first Saturday of the month, you know what THAT means…!


That’s right! It’s time for everyone to head on down to Long Beach to close the summer out in style. I’m predicting a pretty large crowd, even more so than in August.

Your dancers for the evening?


Sonique Love, Melissa Prime, and making her Long Beach debut: Raquel Starr!

Below is video footage from August’s party; again, you can see the variety of folks that attend…and we all have FUN.

Since I’m typing this on my phone, I can’t post any sample pictures. Head over to T-girl Nights to see them all…and head down to Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach tonight. See you all there!

Aug 022014

It’s the first Saturday of the month…which means I’ll be seeing many of you down in Long Beach, right?


So Jamie decided to name tonight’s event theme “Jungle Love”. I’m sorry, but this song popped into my head!

All jokes aside, I think it’s going to be a great night. It’s summer time, the weather is nice, most folks are on vacation…what other reason do you need to head down? Maybe because Kimera, Karla, and special guest Maria Roman will be dancing?


Here is a sampling of pictures I snapped last month, just to give you a little taste. More can be found on

How about some video (shot by my friend Gio) from the June event?

And here is video I shot from last month (I apologize about the quality; I edited it on my iPad after compressing the clips).

So come on down and have some fun with everyone!

Jul 052014

I hope all of you enjoyed your Fourth of July yesterday. I’m sure you all had plenty of barbeque and watched some fireworks. If you still want to have some more fun partying, why not head down to Long Beach this evening. It IS the first Saturday of the month, you know. And you KNOW what happens on this day (night):


Your dancers for the evening will be Sonique, Joanna, and Melissa.


How about a few sample pictures I snapped last month?

I can’t forget the video Gio shot…

…as well as the short video I shot.

So come on down and have some fun with us!