May 272014

…and I want to apologize for that. The reason why? I just don’t get out to the clubs anymore. When one works the graveyard shift (like me) during the week, your social life is pretty much out of the window. Of course that leaves Saturdays…but I’ve been getting other projects and doing a lot of traveling, which means I can’t go to the Saturday clubs as often anymore (specifically Oxwood). There’s also been quite a bit of turnover with the LA club situation: Goddess Night at MJs is no more, and of course everyone knows about The Palms. There IS a new night at FUBAR in West Hollywood on Mondays, as well as Executive Suites in Long Beach on Wednesdays. Still, it’ll be awhile before I attend either venue due to my day job.

I’ve also caught a bit of drama with a couple of girls and I don’t need to deal with any of that bullshit. That’s another story though.

As for the blog itself, it appears that I’ve FINALLY found a resolution to the problems I’ve had. Thank god for Google; I had been trying EVERY SINGLE SUGGESTION thrown my way to solve the offline problem. At least one of them finally worked without me having to resort to starting the blog all over again…which is what I did with my Otola Photography blog. With said repairs, even THAT “abandoned” blog is working again!

Besides the monthly Hamburger Mary’s post and posts about pageants and such, I really don’t know how often I’ll be posting here about the clubs. Of course Scott has access to the blog as well; I’m sure he’s itching to post some pics he’s snapped over time. To be honest, because of the lack of updating and such I was actually considering DELETING the blog altogether…but thought otherwise. Good idea? I’ll know in time.

Again, I offer my apologies for the downtime of the blog and the lack of content. Hopefully things will change.

Feb 122013

Transfix is a new documentary series that explores the lives of Transgender Women in their own words. We filmed Season One in Los Angeles.

Over this past year, the women of Transfix have told us their incredible and unbelievably honest stories that will surprise and inspire you. Transfix gives these women a collective voice that tells a universal story of struggle, triumph, humanity and love that will, at times, leave you speechless.

Why Kickstarter?
The first 13 episodes (Season One) of Transfix are entering post production. We want to continue producing this series independently, outside of the Hollywood system.

Our series lets these women tell their stories in their own words. We hear their truth, their reality. This is not the typical reality show intent on locking these women in a house to fight, or compete for prizes. Their real stories are so much more interesting!

With you on our Team, we can complete Season One of Transfix this Spring 2013 – just three months from completion of funding!

Transgender Women, A Discussion In Their Own Words – Transfix TV Trailer from Transfix TV on Vimeo.

Sep 192012

My friend Jamie (the hostess for Tgirl Nights at Hamburger Mary’s on Tuesdays and the first Saturday of each month) snapped this picture of our friend Jaslene. I asked her if I could have a copy so I could practice Adobe Lightroom on it; she obliged. This is the final result.

Most of you will recognize it as my avatar on Hung Angels. Folks were asking who she was; now you know!

Some of the pictures my friends and I just stand out. This is one of them.

Sep 182012

…since I last posted ANYTHING! Scott and my day jobs are getting in the way of us getting out to the clubs to snap pictures. We have been able to on occasion, but then something gets in the way of us actually posting anything. We’re going to try and rectify that within the coming weeks though. I know Scott has some pictures he’s taken at MJs and Hamburger Mary’s on Tuesdays; I have a couple of sets of pics from The Oxwood I’ve snapped the past two weeks. Of course every Saturday when Jamie Jameson has her event I post pictures from the previous month’s to show everyone what they missed.

Little by little they will go up. If Scott can’t post his, I’ll ask him for copies and I’ll post them myself. I’m trying to keep the thumbnail galleries regulated to TransGalleria; so far that’s going well…but without those galleries being posted here, it leaves a void.

So the picture posting will resume, albeit on a less frequent basis. Events such as pageants and fashion shows will be coming up soon though, and one or both of us will be there to shoot. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with us though!

Below are pics I snapped two weeks ago at The Oxwood.