Aug 092012

Some of you who frequent this blog may notice a slight change in the sidebar: I’ve removed all of the affiliate links! Word got back to me that many of you preferred the pictures that Scott and I have taken at the venues around town, as well as the special events we attend. I understand that; that’s why I originally started this blog in the first place.

However, due to our day jobs we aren’t able to head out to said venues as much as we used to; also, with the closing of a few of the, there are actually less places to go. That was why I posted the thumbnail galleries…to keep the blog active AND to show support to the girls and their sites.

In no way am I no longer supporting the girls’ sites. In fact, I’ve created a NEW blog specifically for that. I call it TransGalleria. Since I do get links to the various sites quite often it was only fitting that I put them to good use. Hence the new blog.


Ever so often, I’ll still post a gallery here…especially if it’s one that I want everyone to see. I might also post sample pictures from a site along with a picture of the same girl either Scott or I took ( as I did August 8th with Chanel Couture). So I’m not COMPLETELY abandoning the galleries. There will just be less here; more there.

I plan on updating that blog on a daily basis; Sundays and Mondays may be empty though. I’ll most likely start a Twitter page for that blog as well. So check it out and support the girls…just as we support them here!

Jul 202012

Okay, this is NOT the latest update on Florida sensation Jonelle Brooks’ personal site…but I HAD to post this gallery. Jonelle is looking absolutely stunning here in lavendar lingerie. My eyes literally bulged out of my head when Wendy Williams posted the picture below on a forum promoting Jonelle in Pin Up Tgirls 2; naturally I had to see more of this set…and share it with everyone. So here it is.

As usual, click on the picture to view more samples, then join her site when you’re finished (and you know you will anyway). And be sure to pick up a copy of Pin Up Tgirls 2 while you’re at it; I’m pretty damn sure that’s going to be a hot DVD!

Jul 192012

Joanna and I made plans to go out for a nice dinner together. Knowing her style, I was wondering what she would wear. I need not be worried; as usual she’s dressed to kill. Black dress, black stockings, black heels, and sexy red panties. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate on what she and I will be eating for dinner…frankly I’m already be thinking about dessert!

Click on the picture below to view a few samples from this set, then join her site to see the rest. Consider these pictures an appetizer!

Jul 182012

And she’s looking pretty in pink! These shots, photographed by Isabelle, mark the first (and hopefully not the LAST) appearance of Libby on Bob’s site…and it’s a great start, considering the excellent work Libby has on her own solo site…which you saw yesterday!

Here are four samples from this set. I’ll have to think about posting the sample gallery though…mainly because these pictures alone should give you an incentive to join Bob’s site!