Aug 152013

…because I had the day off. Why did I have the day off? It was my birthday! I wanted to surprise everyone with my appearance (and actually did), but when I arrived at the club, Scott and Kevin were exiting their vehicle. Surprise appearance ruined haha.

Needless to say, you KNOW I had my camera with me…and you KNOW I used it. So…without any further delay, here are some of the pictures I snapped last Thursday. For those of you who haven’t visited the club, go check it out. You never know who’ll pop up. Hell, on this particular night Angelina Torres, Domino Presley, and Chanel Couture were in attendance. You should be as well tonight! I’ll be stuck at work unfortunately boo hoo…

Jul 112013

Last week Stefani, Eva, and Jamie were in town looking to do some shoots for the websites out here in Los Angeles. Since this WAS a Thursday, that meant Transfix at Club Cobra would be going down. Also, since it was a major holiday, I actually had the day off. So we all headed over to the spot. The pictures below are the result.

I also took video of the performances…but give me some time to upload them to YouTube. Please!

May 162013

That’s right…I was able to attend Cobra last week! Since I was going out of town for the weekend, I decided to take a few extra days off to see Aubrey and the gang…something I hadn’t done since last Thanksgiving. Of course I had my camera with me; below are some of the pics I snapped. Forgive me for not posting any of the pictures I snapped of the performances. To be frank they (the pictures that is) sucked, and I can’t show the ladies off with such shoddy photos.

Unfortunately it’s gonna be awhile before I return, so I had to REALLY enjoy this particular night. Even though I can’t make it tonight, everyone of you viewing this post should head up!

Feb 122013

Transfix is a new documentary series that explores the lives of Transgender Women in their own words. We filmed Season One in Los Angeles.

Over this past year, the women of Transfix have told us their incredible and unbelievably honest stories that will surprise and inspire you. Transfix gives these women a collective voice that tells a universal story of struggle, triumph, humanity and love that will, at times, leave you speechless.

Why Kickstarter?
The first 13 episodes (Season One) of Transfix are entering post production. We want to continue producing this series independently, outside of the Hollywood system.

Our series lets these women tell their stories in their own words. We hear their truth, their reality. This is not the typical reality show intent on locking these women in a house to fight, or compete for prizes. Their real stories are so much more interesting!

With you on our Team, we can complete Season One of Transfix this Spring 2013 – just three months from completion of funding!

Transgender Women, A Discussion In Their Own Words – Transfix TV Trailer from Transfix TV on Vimeo.