Apr 212011

As many of you know, last Thursday, Morgan Bailey had a party at Blue Moon Nights. As many of you also know, I was not able to attend because of my job’s schedule. Fear not, boys and girls…my good friends Jamie and Gio WERE able to attend…and Gio got some pretty nice pictures to boot!

Dancing this evening was Jenna Rachels, Aliana Starr, Yazlene Reyes, Khloe Reyes…in attendance (besides Morgan) was Yasmin Lee, Liz, Aliize Doll…it was just a great evening all around. Damn I wish I could have been there! Oh, well, check out the pictures Gio took. And thank him when you see him!

As you can see, I also included some sample pictures of Morgan Bailey and Celeste (care of Shemale Yum). Why Celeste? Read on…

Below are some hot videos (courtesy of Tgirls.com) my friend Sparky shot. Thank him as well when you see him!

Finally…if the flier below is correct, I think y’all should head on out to BOTH places! I should be there Sunday; yessir!!

Damn…it looks like it’s going to be a great weekend! Hope to see some of y’all Sunday night!

Apr 142011

Since I won’t be in attendance at Blue Moon Nights this evening, I’ll do a quick post that relates to the club in a way.

While hanging out there and taking my pictures of the dancers, a lot of people asked me whether or not Yazlene and/or Khloe ever posed for any sites. I told them of course; Shemale Strokers is one of those sites. So for those of you who were wondering, here are a couple of sample pictures of both ladies. Sorry; no video or galleries to go with them; you’ll have to join the site to see the rest. I’ve seen both clips; it’s worth it, believe me!

Seeing both of these ladies makes me really miss going to the club. Don’t let my moping stop y’all from attending though…especially tonight, where Morgan Bailey will be celebrating her birthday! It’s so large in fact, she’ll be celebrating on TWO DIFFERENT NIGHTS! Check out the flyer below…and check out the club tonight!

Apr 072011

Since I wasn’t in attendance at Blue Moon Nights last week (and won’t be in the future…at least for now), I’ve decided to post a couple of galleries featuring four lovely ladies that were in attendance at my last appearance at the club. Sheeba Starr, Nody Nadia, Noriko, and Honey Foxxx…these four beauties are some of the nicest gals one could ever meet! I was very happy to see them all again that night (and in the case of Sheeba and Noriko, this past Sunday); it was the perfect “going-away” present.

I’m happy Shemale Club had these gorgeous gals photographed while they were in Los Angeles. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of them…both in person and in print! As usual, click the pictures to access the galleries…and join the site when you’re finished so you can see both the pics and the video in full resolution! NOTE: I’ve also included sample video clips of Sheeba and Nody Nadia; they’re in the second row. Oh, yeah!

Just for the heck of it, here is some video my friend Danny shot last week during my friend Domino’s DVD and website debut party at Blue Moon Nights. Check it out, will you?!

Damn…I already miss going to the club!

Mar 312011

…being my last appearance at Blue Moon Nights for awhile. Normally I’d be done with work at 2:30am, well after the club is closed. However, since I had gone in two hours earlier, they let me go at 12:30am! So I made the drive from Compton to North Hollywood in about twenty minutes (in the rain, no less) so I could catch at least an hour and a half of club time.

IT WAS WORTH IT! Beauties were everywhere, and so were smiles. If you’re a fan of Black Tgirls.com, you would have LOVED who was in attendance. Off the top of my head: Nody Nadia, Honey Foxxx and her friend Paris, Sheeba Starr and Sasha Stokes (who wer go-go dancing), plus new model Gorgeous. Also in attendance was Norriko and Astrid Shay (both whom I hadn’t seen in awhile), Michelle Austin, Hazel Tucker, and visiting from D.C. Brittany St. Jordan. Even good friends Carmen and Jenny were there. Of course Johanna, Alisha, Liz, Sabrina, and Felicia Katt were having fun! Rounding out attendance was Aliize and Miranda go-go dancing. Check out the pictures below; not bad for an hour’s work!

Yeah…I’m going to miss coming here. I have to make sacrafices, and the job comes first. I need it to make that money to buy the camera and to pay for the webspace to post the pictures I take, so it has to be done. None the less, I’m stressing that I’m gonna miss it all. Everyone is cool, and we all have fun. Buddy, I know the place is only going to grow in esteem…just remember to have an extra good time for me!