May 262011

As I am sure a few of you may have already heard, but Blue Moon Night will not be open tomorrow night. I received a text today from Ben letting me know, and I was bummed out to hear about it. I don’t know if it will be permanently or if this is just a once in a Blue Moon thing…(I couldn’t help myself with the pun)… Any way lets hope that next week it will be back on and everybody will be ready to go again. In the mean time here are some pics I took last week. I will post more pics from last week next week….I hope you followed that.

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May 192011

…Late update I know, but later late then never. Last week I was out of town in Cincinnati (look at this coming Monday for a SPECIAL POST). So need less to say I am late posting the pics I got from Cinco De Mayo Night at Blue Moon Nights. I remember the night well…lots of fun…..lots of people, and what our readers care about…..lots of pics. I hope you enjoy them, and look forward to seeing everybody this Saturday at Rhythm lounge in Long Beach. Be sure to check out Ben’s post this Saturday for more information.

May 052011

I know if Claire could she would thank everybody over and over for showing up last week. It was a great night and tons of people showed up. If you made it there you know how good of a time it was. If not then here are a few of the pics I took. I hope you enjoy the pics and keep checking out blog for updates because we try to update it as much as we can. So until my next post have a great time be safe and be care. -Scott & Ben

Apr 282011

I didn’t take that many pics because I was busy catching up with friends I have not seen on a while. I have posted most of them here for you though. It was a pretty great night all the familiar faces showed up, and it was a great time for everybody. Hope you enjoy the pics.

ADDED BY BEN IN LA: Sparky also took some video this evening. Check it out below!