Aug 022014

It’s the first Saturday of the month…which means I’ll be seeing many of you down in Long Beach, right?


So Jamie decided to name tonight’s event theme “Jungle Love”. I’m sorry, but this song popped into my head!

All jokes aside, I think it’s going to be a great night. It’s summer time, the weather is nice, most folks are on vacation…what other reason do you need to head down? Maybe because Kimera, Karla, and special guest Maria Roman will be dancing?


Here is a sampling of pictures I snapped last month, just to give you a little taste. More can be found on

How about some video (shot by my friend Gio) from the June event?

And here is video I shot from last month (I apologize about the quality; I edited it on my iPad after compressing the clips).

So come on down and have some fun with everyone!