Nov 242012

First off I’d like to thank everybody that made it out to the party. I’d also like to thank John Sabor for all his assistance. Ben, AL from Atomic Visuals & Miika for shooting lots of pictures. (Al’s pics are below). Tony, Omar, Carla, Rael & John (again) for their band playing I thought you guys sounded great especially since you had little to no time to practice. The ladies that performed in the show; Katrice, Alexxxis, Gia, and Carla for being a Great Hostess for the night. Danny and Craig for tending the Bar all night and making sure everybody had drinks. Ian (if you read this) thank you for DJ’ing you were awesome. Corey thank you also for watching the door all night. I really hope I am not forgetting anybody (if I am I’m terribly sorry). I will post more pictures as I get them (or Ben will post the pics he shot. Once again thank you everybody for making our 6th Annual Bday party a success! I hope you enjoy the pics Al took.


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