Sep 252012

…although it was slated to start at 8PM….it did start juuuuust a little bit late (2.5 hours late), but as usual when it comes to the ladies it has become expected. I know a few people left early and went to MJ’s, but all in all it was still a very nice pageant. The pageant was over at 1am so that inturn ate into a lot of the time people we going to spend at the club. As for the pageant itself it was all in spoken in Spanish as well so I don’t know the name of the winner, and too many people were crowding the stage for me to get an acceptable pic….sorry, but I did in fact get quite a few very nice pics. So without further ado here are the pics from last night at the 2012 Ms Bienestar Pageant and the (short) after party at MJ’s.

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