Sep 182012

…since I last posted ANYTHING! Scott and my day jobs are getting in the way of us getting out to the clubs to snap pictures. We have been able to on occasion, but then something gets in the way of us actually posting anything. We’re going to try and rectify that within the coming weeks though. I know Scott has some pictures he’s taken at MJs and Hamburger Mary’s on Tuesdays; I have a couple of sets of pics from The Oxwood I’ve snapped the past two weeks. Of course every Saturday when Jamie Jameson has her event I post pictures from the previous month’s to show everyone what they missed.

Little by little they will go up. If Scott can’t post his, I’ll ask him for copies and I’ll post them myself. I’m trying to keep the thumbnail galleries regulated to TransGalleria; so far that’s going well…but without those galleries being posted here, it leaves a void.

So the picture posting will resume, albeit on a less frequent basis. Events such as pageants and fashion shows will be coming up soon though, and one or both of us will be there to shoot. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with us though!

Below are pics I snapped two weeks ago at The Oxwood.

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