Jul 252012

The Urban X awards is a small ceremony dedicated to the ethnic porn genre…whether black on black, or interracial. This was my first time attending the event; it most likely won’t be my last.

Originally I wasn’t going to go, until good friend Angelina Torres invited Scott and me to attend. Angelina was going because she was nominated for an award. Also in attendance with us was superstar Vaniity; she wanted to have a blast this day (and she did). In fact, Vaniity actually presented an award to TS Madison from Atlanta. People love Vaniity; the look on the people’s faces while we all strolled down to the theater for the red carpet was priceless. There were more folks out on this particular day; not only was the awards show going on, there was also a muscle car show going on RIGHT OUTSIDE THE VENUE! Trippin’, I tell you…trippin’.

Normally at an event like this I’d have my T2i with me…but since we were with the ladies AND since I wanted to actually watch the event, I decided to leave it in the car. I did shoot some pictures with my iPhone though; they’re below. We all went to The Oxwood later on; I included the few pics I snapped there as well. By the way, the very last picture of Vaniity was taken with my point and shoot.

Great fun had by all; I hope we can do it again!

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