Aug 302011

According to practically everyone I talked to who was in attendance last week, it was an EXCELLENT night to be at Hamburger Mary’s. The crowd was non-stop, karaoke was off the hook, and the weather was just perfect. Hearing things like this makes me miss being able to head down to hang out with everyone. In fact, I haven’t been down there on a Tuesday since late March 2011! Work comes first, but at least I’m trying to rectify that situation.

Besides Teddy Boy, Al, and of course Jamie herself, Gio was there capturing the moment. Since he’s usually the first to upload his pictures to his Flickr page, I rely on him to keep me abreast on who was there. Below are some pictures from last Tuesday, as well as a few from other Tuesdays of the past weeks. All I see is fun, fun, fun! I hope you see the same thing as well.

Head on down to Long Beach tonight to see for yourself. I might try to meet up with everyone at Denny’s after work, but it’s just not the same as actually being at the club. So PLEASE have extra fun for me…and let everyone know I hope they have fun. Even though I know everyone will!

  3 Responses to “Tgirl Tuesday is tonight!”

  1. What is the url for Gio’s Flickr page? Thanks.

  2. Thanks ben, I appreciate it!!

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