Aug 012011

Wow was it a great night last week. It was really crowded and the vibe was great. Everybody had a wonderful time. Leslie and the girls put on a great show. The GO-GO dancers were dancing all night long non stop. Patricia, Jennifer, Alejandra, Star, Aliize, Janessa, and Laniya were all there dancing, and getting down. I tool close to 300 pics which means about 75-100 came out good enough to use. I m posting a little over 60 for you here tonight, and will possibly post more in the future if needed. Once again if there is a specific Go-Go dancers you would like to see more of, and she is there I will snap more pics of her and post them for you, but you have to let us know who’d you like to see more of. As for now it’s getting late and I’m going to hit the sack. Had a long day. Hopefully you will make it out tomorrow night to see Leslie and the girls. If not you can all ways see what you missed here.

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  1. I like your blog but damn you take pictures of the same girls dude…what about taking of some that attend the clubs

  2. Unfortunately not all of the girls want their picture taken…

  3. Tony if your in the LA or surrounding areas you should stop in to the clubs. Next week you will see some pics of other girls that let me take their pics.

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