Jul 122011

Since I had a few Wednesdays off last month I was able to make it down to T-Girl Tuesday’s @ Hamburger Mary’s and snap a few pics. I wanted to make them all in to one post instead of smaller post with only a few pics. Since We are trying to get as many people to go this coming Saturday the Rhythm Lounge I will an “out of place” or “Duplicate picture in today’s and tomorrow post. So IF you can spot the picture that doesn’t belong EMAIL ME (just look to the right under the picture of Ben and I). I will reply to your email letting you know if you are right or not. If you are right I will gladly buy you a drink (Only one drink per person). If you email me and your correct though. If you find all the correct ones from our post……. more power to you, but still only one drink per person. This is designed to get people in the door, and NOT to pay for everybody’s bar tab…..lol. I hope to get plenty of responses, and Ben and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday.

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