Jun 172011

Ok the reason for these pics being posted this late is because this Saturday night is Jamie’s monthly party at Rhythm Lounge. It’s all ways a ton of fun as I’m sure you already know that if you have been there. This months dancers are Patricia, Jennifer & Aliize. In a previous edition of this post Ben noticed a couple duplicated pictures. If There are some duplicate pics in this post please let me know, and if you let me know tomorrow night at Rhythm Lounge I will buy you a drink, but you have to GO tomorrow night to get the drink, and let me know. If I did remove all the duplicates come and find me, and mention our blog. If you are a member or first time reader let me know, and I may also buy you a drink….With that said you know have incentive to go tomorrow night AND you get to ENJOY the pics from last month, and see a prelude to our next Rhythm Lounge post because you’ll be there tomorrow.

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  1. Great post; looking forward to tomorrow night! I did notice a few duplicates…but it’s all good!

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